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  Skiers Paradise?

Chamonix, a glamorous, world class winter resort favored by the beautiful people is dominated by the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc.  Our site shares with you our independent view of this world-class ski resort from the perspective of an experienced skier.

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This is the main square in town and where all the action happens. Ideally you'd stay close to here.

We did. Right here.

chamonix holidays main square

If you're here to ski and you'll want to know what the pistes are really like and where's best for your accommodation.


For first time visitors, these two pages will help you with your research before you book your accommodation:


Most accommodation sites will gush about the closeness to lifts. The page on Hotels tells you where's most central.  For example, there's masses of apartments close to the Aiguille du Midi cable car.  But... this lift is a tourist cable car for sightseers and the access lift for those adventurers skiing the Valle Blanche.

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It's beautiful here, but...not perfect. A little research before making bookings will go a long way in getting the best value for your vacation.

This is what it's like skiing the Vallee Blanche - totally natural, complete with crevasses and ice towers. It's sensational!

Vallee Blanche

For Non-Skiers

Non-skiers, you'll be surprised that there's so much to do.

Fun Stuff

The First Winter Olympic Games: These were held at Les Houches. 

The World Cup Downhill Competitions are now hosted here too.

Chamonix hosted the Cosmo Jazz Festival at Les Grands Montets!

Maximise Value in Your Short Vacation

Our interest in winter resorts around the world is not just the quality of the athletic experience, but just as important is the ambience of the village and the service delivery for tourists.  Afterall, you are here for just a short time and you'd like to maximise value in this brief period.

Yes, it's all true...the resort has:

  • a vast groomed terrain, as befits one of the most extensive ski resorts in France
  • the Valle Blanche, a most unique skiing experience
  • the legendary Les Grands Montets
  • the World Cup Piste at Kandahar. This is the main game at Les Houches
  • a charming sophisticated town, ideal for a romantic skiing holiday
  • open bowls, perfect for family skiing holidays
  • Unique ticketing where you access world class resorts in  France, Italy and Switzerland
  • a central location close to historic towns, ideal for local excursions.

Yes, the resort is...expensive, but it is a place for the beautiful.

You can pack all these experiences into your vacation, providing you plan ahead. Have a look at "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Week's Skiing".

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