1924 Winter Olympics At Chamonix And 2014

1924 Winter Olympic Games Medal Tally

The 1924 Winter Olympics at Chamonix was the very first winter olympics and the events then are now still being competed. In fact, the 1924 Winter Olympic Games demonstration events are now seriously competitive sports. What events are new now in 2014?

1924 Winter Olympic Games Bio at Chamonix
and 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi

Look at this list of events - whether 2014 or 1924, these sports are still current!

In 1924 at Chamonix there were 15 events including:

  • Bobsleigh
  • Curling
  • Ice hockey
  • Military patrol
  • Figure skating 
  • Speed skating 
  • Cross-country skiing 
  • Nordic combined 
  • Ski jumping

At that time Military Patrol and Curling were demonstration games.

At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, there are now 15 winter disciplines with  93 events. The modern sports include

  • Alpine skiing (this includes slalom and super G)
  • Freestyle Skiing (for all the variations of downhill including skiercross, moguls and slopestyle)
  • Luge
  • Skeleton
  • Snowboard (this includes halfpipe and boardercross)

Germany was not a participant at the first Chamonix 1924 Winter Olympics.

Demonstration Sports?

Modern Biathlon

Military Patrol

This multi discipline sport combining cross country skiing, mountaineering and target shooting was competed by 6 countries, with Switzerland, Finland and France taking the 3 podium positions. Czechoslovakia, Italy and Poland were also the first nations to participate in this sport at the 1924 Winter Olympic Games.

It seems although medals were awarded for these Chamonix games it nonetheless continued to remain an unofficial Olympic event through the 1928, 1936 and 1948 Winter Olympics until the modern version of the sport, Biathlon became an official Olympic competition in 1960.

Interestingly, these same countries continue to dominate the modern version of this sport.  At the 2014 Olympics, men's Biathlon was dominated by biathletes from Norway, Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia and Germany. Today, Biathlon is the biggest winter sport in Europe raking in billions of advertising euros.


The IOC reconsidered the status of Curling in 2006 deeming the 1924 event at Chamonix to be not demonstration and the gold medal was presented 82 years later to the winning British team!  The Swedes won the silver.

Interestingly, IOC records report that at the Chamonix 1924 Winter Olympic Games, a British athlete competed for the Swedes and he is the only athlete to have both a silver and gold Olympic medal.

It's interesting that while winter sports has progressed in the 82 years  and new nations have been formed since then, the classic sports continue to dominate the Winter Olympic Games although the biggest nation medal holders are now Germany, Russia and the Netherlands. 

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