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Chamonix France as seen from the Aiguille du Midi

There's no question, the ski resort at Chamonix France is world class.  It is however, so large that to maximize value, you'll need to pack in miles of pistes in your limited time here.

So, here are some tips to help you avoid the little irritants that can crop up.

Ungroomed steep pistes when you ski chamonix

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Chamonix Mont Blanc Trompeil at Place Balmat

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Nonetheless, this first rate resort really is the place for beautiful people and the best parts of Chamonix Valley in France, that is the pistes, hamlets, the town, the clubs, even the transport, lends to making the visitor feel special.

Chamonix France
The Quick Lowdown

Tips On Location

The resort is huge and there are 5 separate regions, each individually massive.  You could spend all day exploring each of the groomed regions - Le Tour, Les Grands Montets, Brevent, Flegere and Les Houches. I suggest a review of the orientation map of Chamonix France and the location of the villages.

Chamonix France Orientation map

What this means is that commuting is unavoidable - it takes an hour on the bus to get from one end of the valley to the other. So be sure your apartment or chalet is close to the bus stop. 

For us, there's nothing worse at the end of the day than trudging back to the hotel. I recommend - keep the distance between the hotel and the bus stop short.

Some hotels do offer a chauffeur service to the lifts. While we would rather pay more so we don't ever have to wait, this is a cost effective alternative.

The Aiguille du Midi Cable Car terminal at Chamonix Sud


Tropeil at Chamonix Mont Blanc Center of town

Ski Vacation

The Ski Resort Chamonix is about skiing high and sleeping low.

High Altitude Skiing
Low Altitude Living

chamonix is good for family skiing holidays. There are gentle pistes like this.

Skiing Holidays

Accommodation  Tips

  • If you'd like views at your accommodation, south facing rooms are most likely to have views of Mont Blanc. 

  • If the accommodation is in town, some people consider the rooms facing the square to be noisy, but we love the hustle and bustle

  • Time your visit, if you can to coincide with the World Cup. The home of World Cup Downhill Slalom events is the Kandahar at Les Houches. There's a big out door party at Place Balmat in the center of town during the week of the World Cup.

  • Many hotels do not serve dinner which will require you to dress and head out again.

Chamonix France Street Scene at night. Center of town.Street Scene, Place Balmat, Chamonix France


  • The happening place is in the center of town. If you're likely to be getting home late most nights, be sure to budget for taxis. The night bus operates but is a limited service.  Else, select accommodation close to the center

  • There is no shortage of activities whether you're a skier or non-skier. The Tourist office is located just behind Place Balmat and have loads of flyers on stuff to see, written in English

  • Besides the ubiquitous clubs and restaurants, there's a cinema, casino, more than enough coffee and cake places and on the nights you want to chill "at home", there's even a tiny video store for video hires.

Vallee Blanche, Chamonix France, RefugioThe Refuge at Vallee Blanche, France

Plan your week

Family Skiing Vacations

  • Who'd think this Death Sports Capital of the World, is just as attractive for family winter vacations!  

  • The trick with family vacations is keeping everyone happy and meeting each family member's vacation expectations. This can be difficult when the skiing skills gap can range from expert to beginner.  It is possible at Chamonix, because it is so vast that there's enough varied terrain for all levels of skiers.

  • We like this winter resort in France because of its proximity to the borders of Italy and Switzerland. Visitors to Europe can take a break from their jaunt through the continent at this centrally located resort in France.

Child Care

  • For babies and toddlers under 2, Club Med has a dedicated Baby Club Med service. Club Med is conveniently located right next to the La Savoy lift in town and close to the buses to more challenging slopes.

  • For children from age 3, there are ski schools with combined lesson and child care programs for half and full days.

  • Evolution 2, a ski school has partnered with Panda Club at Argentiere so provide the full instruction for children as well as child care for rest and play time. They can arrange pick up and return with their private mini bus.

Chamonix France For Non-Skiers Too!

Chamonix France. Walk along the river bank with locals out with their chidlren and dogs. It's delightful

  • Be sure to attend the Ice Hockey Games - the mulet goes to the ice skating rink.  France is just as keen on Ice Hockey as the Canadians.

  • Oh, if you'd like a lovely walk, go where the locals walk of an afternoon.  Catch the mulet to the Nordic building. Please remember the etiquette is to stay off the tracked paths - you can see grooved tracks for the cross country skiers - but follow on the outside of the track all the way to the end and catch the bus back to town.

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