The Steep Deeps Of The
chamonix Ski Resort

To access the long steep deeps of the Chamonix Ski Resort you'll require the more expensive ( but exceedingly good value) Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass. The Vallee Blanche and the summit of the Les Grands Montets can only be accessed with the more expensive ticket.

Chamonix Ski Resort:  Quick Overview
For Advanced Skiers

Each of Chamonix's 5 ski regions in the resort are so large, you could spend a day at each of

  • Brevent and the adjoining Flegere
  • Domaine de Balme
  • Les Houches
  • Les Grands Montets
  • The off piste Vallee Blanche

And then there is the absolute must-do at Courmayeur and if you have time, it really is worth the effort to get to Verbier.

OK, so that's 7 vast regions to explore and you only have 6 days to ski them all.

For advanced skiers, who are just after the challenge and adrenalin rush from the sport,  here's our opinion in a nutshell.

  • Brevent and Flegere is a lovely place to start the week to get your ski-legs back. The slope is south facing and sun blessed and what with long intermediate groomed pistes - this makes for a comfortable start to the season.  At the top of the Brevent chair is a steep deeply rutted funnel that will satisfy your urges for challenge.

  • Spend the first afternoon at Le Tour/ Domaine de Balme just so you can see what it's like. It is a lovely open bowl and great views to Switzerland from the top. Having "done" Brevent, Flegere and Le Tour, you can now focus on the challenging stuff.

  • The steep deeps really are at the top portion of Les Grands Montets. The cable car is always, and I mean always packed as this is truly superb skiing. The summit is moguled, ungroomed and fits the bill of steep deeps. You could spend all day and still want to do more. In fact skiers do - they keep returning to this part of the Chamonix Ski Resort.

  • You absolutely must do the Vallee Blanche. This is afterall, why you're here in Chamonix.  Remember the Vallee Blanche is off-piste and in France, off-piste means there are no barriers, no ropes, no markers, no ski patrol and if you are to be rescued - it costs! You must take a ski guide with you as the Vallee Blanche is littered with crevasses.  Snow bridges which form over them may look deceptively safe but they're not. Your Vallee Blanche guide will know the less dangerous route. 

  • The other absolute must visit - is the ski resort at Courmayeur in Italy. Access if free with your Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass but these days, you'll need to pay for the bus ticket. It's worth it. The skiing here is spectacular.

  • It would be a waste if you did not experience the La Vert Kandahar at les Houches. This very piste is the home of the World Cup Grand Slalom - so of course, you'll have to check it out. It would be even better if you timed your vacation to co-incide with the World Cup at Les Houches.  Les Houches is generally regarded as a family friendly resort. It's the southern most ski region in the Chamonix Valley.

  • If you have time on your vacation, it would be good to explore Verbier Ski Resort as the skiing is across 4 sizeable valleys and what's more, is free on the Unlimited Ski Pass.  If there is a group of you, it may be more cost effective to hire a car for the day.

Most skiers on vacation will have less than a week to explore Chamonix Ski Resort. Do plan your week so as to maximize value from your ski vacation.

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