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For numbers of skiers, the adventure in Chamonix down the Valle Blanche is top of the bucket list.

Yes, you've heard right - Chamonix is famous for its long steep pistes and for world class black runs, you cannot go past the descent from the top of Les Grands Montets - it is steep, moguled, narrow, ungroomed and thousands ski here every winter just for fun!

But when you talk "adventure" - well, that's skiing down the deeply crevassed 17 km long Mer de Glace Glacier.

The Vallee Blanche Chamonix adventure is unparalled.

The photo shows what it is you'll see here...and avoid. You will absolutely require shackles, ropes, emergency beacons besides your lunch and drinks for the day's skiing.

Nope - no lovely little cafes here - we're talking off-piste. But there is a refuge with a pad for a rescue helicopter.

These are seracs or ice - towers

The photo here is typical of the crevasses you'll come across. There are no patrols and you know what that means. The purpose of the guide is to have someone with you who knows the safe and stable snow bridges that form over the crevasses.

Deep crevasses are all over the glacier.  Don't imagine it as a smooth ride - it's anything but!

See the tiny dots coming down the slope? They're the skiers descending from the top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car lift. This is where you start your adventure in Chamonix so be sure to hire crampons from the sports store - they'll really help you get a grip as you descend the slope.

No, there are no stairs. Remember this is an off-piste adventure. There's nothing, absolutely nothing that's man-made here other than what you're carrying.

You walk down carrying your ski gear to the landing platform where you gather your energy before heading down the White Valley or Valle Blanche and then onto the glacier.

The start of the Adventure in Chamonix - just to get to the landing platform

At particularly dangerous sections, your guide will tether you. You'll be provided with location beacons should anything untoward happen. We cannot recommend enough skiing with a guide.

After a descent of 2800 m and 17 km, you get to the end of the glacier, which when there is insufficient snow cover you can clearly see the morraine field.

Skiers walk down the last bit to a steel stair case at Montenvers.

Then up a 350 stairs to get to the cable car to the Montenvers train, back to Chamonix Mont Blanc and civilization.

This is a completely marvelous adventure and there's no comparable experience!

If you're here for a Chamonix vacation - you can't not experience this unique adventure. But, you must plan ahead just a little to be sure  you get the most from your limited time at Chamonix.

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