Why Advertise with Ski Chamonix?

Advertise with Ski Chamonix if you are searching for the opportunity to get your site right up front to targeted visitors about to vacation in Chamonix France.

Have a look at our current Alexa rank.

This Alexa rank indicates where our Ski Chamonix website ranks out of millions upon millions of active websites. This means that Ski Chamonix is amongst the top 3% of websites on the net.

The vast majority of our visitors searching for ski vacations in Chamonix are from the US, as well, a large percentage of our traffic comes from Australia, China and the UK .

Our visitors are mostly affluent mature graduate and post graduate qualified men and women.

Advertise with Ski Chamonix.net and drive this highly targeted traffic to your business.

Your Customer Demographic
Is your target audience women with a relatively high disposable income?

If so, our visitors are YOUR potential customers.

Targeted Traffic
When you advertise with Ski Chamonix you receive targeted traffic - an audience of busy career women with increasingly higher incomes with an interest in your product, service or site.

We are all turning more and more to the internet daily for just about most things for ideas, information and quick solutions, especially in relation to travel and vacations.

To offer you exposure to this ever increasing audience, we offer space for you to advertise for travel, vacations, home, entertainment as well as services related to businesses and webmasters.

Opportunities To Advertise
Here are some opportunities to advertise that will fit YOUR campaign.


Contextual Text Link

Link a word or phrase in our content that's directly related to your business, and we'll send visitors to your site.

Contextual links work well because they do NOT look like ads, encouraging more clicks from visitors.


There is a choice of two sizes:

170 pixels wide
Up to 35 words of your text
With a direct link to your site

This sponsored box is placed in the right hand column of our site.


460 pixels wide
Up to 55 words of your text
May contain one small in context image
With a direct link to your site

This sponsored box is placed in the center of our site.

Naturally, pricing of ads depends on the pages the ads are to be placed, the positioning within the page and the type and size of the ad.

We also offer discounted pricing if it is confirmed and prepaid for 3 months or more.

Further details are available on request. We are happy to explore how we may be of assistance to your advertising campaign. Please use the contact form below.

General Guidelines To Advertise with Ski Chamonix

Please be aware we will review all advertising for suitability and will accept only advertisements from companies offering family friendly quality products, services or information to our readers. We will not accept any advertisements from sites featuring 'adult only' content, nor will we accept advertisements that may lead to a possible conflict of interests. The suitability of advertisements will be determined by the editor of Ski Chamonix.

Most ads on our site are distinguishable from editorial content by the use of the word "Advertisement" placed immediately adjacent to the ad banner or sponsor box. Our editorial content, friendly to families, remains independent and is not influenced by sources of funding. Where specific products are mentioned within our content and we receive any revenue from the sale of those products, we mention on the page that Ski Chamonix , may receive a commission.

Our website advertise and hosts Google and third party sponsored ad banners and links. We do not control the content of these ads, although our target audience are likely to have interests in healthy meals or will have families.

Links or banners for which we did NOT receive funding and which are provided for further reference or entertainment may be marked as "friendly link" or "friendly banner".

IMPORTANT: In line with Google's Webmasters policy, when you advertise with Easy Recipes For Families, all outgoing links from our site contain the rel="nofollow" attribute.

Inquiries To Advertise
To advertise with Ski Chamonix.net, please provide your details and state what you would like to advertise including the types of advertising preferred using the following form. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 to 48 hours.

We welcome inquiries for products and services for travel, recreation, sports, vacations, family orientated products and healthy lifestyles.

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