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The old medieval part of Annecy city is charming and perfectly restored, with massive city walls, windy cobbled streets and little ancient shops and buildings, built on canals and waterways that run through the ancient city.

Getting There From Chamonix

The train journey takes just a couple of hours. As you’ll know the train system that plys the ski resort is free for skiers as is the local bus, but if you're leaving the valley, you'll need to pay the full fare to your destination.

The Medieval City Is built on waterways

Medieval Annecy City is builit on Waterways

The local train, the Mont Blanc Express, terminates at St Gervais and you’ll need to change trains onto the main TGV line to Annecy. 

Remember…if you’re catching “The Mulet” to get to the train station at Chamonix Mont Blanc, it’s often quicker to get off at Rue de la Tour and walk the one block to the Station. The Train Station is the last stop on the Mulet’s route around town, so it will eventually get there.

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Annecy France: Finding Your Way Around

When you alight at the Le Gare, your first stop should be the Tourist office on the Lake’s edge.

They’re very helpful with maps and routes for self-guided walks.

At the exit of the Train Station, turn left and go along Rue Sommeiller. This part of town looks pretty grungy, but don’t worry, this goes in the direction of the old city. The direct way is to keep walking along this road and turn right at Rue Favre. The Tourist Office is on the left hand side, just before you get to the Lake. It’s inside a modern office building.

I took the scenic route to the city - turn right from Rue Sommeiller into Rue Carnot. Follow the signs from here towards the Office de Tourisme. At the end of the street, Rue du Paquier, you’ll come to the lake with beautiful open parklands. The tourist office is to your left.

Once you have the city maps, you’ll be fine.  Ask for self guided walks which will take you through the medieval parts of Annecy city.

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