Sunblessed Brevent

The prime advantage of skiing at Brevent is that it’s so very close to town and if you’re staying in the villas on the northern side of town, the cable car terminal is right in your neighbourhood.

Getting There

Unless you’re staying close to this lift, it is best to get the Bus. I know…it looks close on the map, but it’s a helluva hike from the town center. It’s a steep uphill walk and when there’s snow and ice on the road, we think it dangerous, especially for the kids, carrying all their gear. What's more, the road up to the lift is a main thoroughfare, so it’s highly trafficked. We really recommend getting the free bus as it drops you right at the lift.

view of Chamonix Mont Blanc and the Brevent Ski Slopes

Sun Blessed

One of the five major slopes in this resort, Brevent is wonderfully sun blessed and absolutely perfect for intermediates and beginners wanting to stretch their skills. The slopes here are south facing, so it catches the sun for most of the day. That also reflects on the condition of the snow, as it can be crusty, if there haven’t been fresh snowfalls. (The snow softens, ice up over night and then it’s groomed by the piste bullies - that’s why the snow condition feels crusty)

Getting To The Top

The Plan Praz telecabine goes up to the “mid-level”; advanced skiers will want to explore by going to the very top. The black run here is steep and narrow. It is very challenging from the top of the cable car, but the black runs are limited in variety. You’d do these a couple of times, but it’s not a day’s worth of skiing on the black areas here.

Restaurant With Stunning Views

The restaurant at the top of this second cable car is worth a visit. The views from here, over the valley are stunning. There’s a large outdoor viewing and eating deck with glass screens for shelter from the wind and a smallish bar inside. We enjoyed a hot chocolate here before heading down the Black run.

Ideal - Parca/ Stade

Most intermediate skiers will get off at “mid-level” and circulate on the Parca/Stade lifts – these are fairly long red and blue runs and are great fun. We consider this area to be ideal to gather your ski-legs after a year’s break.

Lateral Lift

Catch the horizontal lift that takes you to the adjacent slopes of Flegere.  The skiing opportunities of the Brevent-Flegere region is extensive and there's masses of terrain to explore.

Here's more about Flagere.

Overall Impression

The great thing about Brevent is the easy access and that it’s so conveniently linked to Flegere. The downside is the terrain for expert skiers is quite limited.

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