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Car Rental Chamonix - it's quite frustrating. All the car rental companies I've investigated say they service Chamonix but it seems the base is at a location some miles away and we have to pay a delivery charge.

We'd like to do a little day trip on our ski vacation in Chamonix. Is there any car rental for a reasonable cost? - Judith


Hi Judith, although there are hundreds of thousands of tourists coursing through each winter, it would seem most car rental companies have decided it is uneconomic to have direct outlets in town.

Fortunately, though, there is a rental place run by a solo operator for Europcar and that's located right opposite the main railway station (le' Gare).

We found him to be really helpful and the cars we have hired were always cleaned and ready for us on time.

This is a small office and their selection of vehicles is not large, so it would be advisable to book a few days ahead to secure availability.

Why Car Rental Chamonix?

Short Term Car Rental Preferred To Taking a Car Into The Resort

We like our independence and choose to drive in preference to catching trains or buses, but when it comes to ski vacations, it is often more cost effective not to have a car.  A car here does mean the attendant worries about where to park, the cost of parking and potential damage while parked in snow bound areas.

Do you really need a car at Chamonix?

You should know that you do not require a car to access the sister resort in Italy, Courmayeur.  The bus service which leaves from the train station is free to those on the Unlimitied Mont Blanc Ski Pass.  The bus service to the other co-partnered resort in Verbier, Switzerland runs dependent on demand. We used a rental car to get ourselves to Verbier for the day's skiing.

And you don't require a car to travel between the ski regions in the valley.  Public Transport on the buses and trains is free, for those on valid ski passes or for non-skiing guests with a Carte d' hote.

Where to visit?

Travelers to Europe may be interested to know that Cham is located within an hour's drive of some most amazing towns and historically important locations.  We used the car rental Chamonix service to visit Meyrin, which is just over an hour's drive away - that's where you'll find the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland. This is where the frontiers of science are being explored... truly an amazing place.

There's Turino across the border through the Mont Blanc tunnel in Aosta, Northern Italy, or you could visit  Martigny, the Roman frontier town in Switzerland or Montreux on Lac Leman, also known as the Riviera of Switzerland.  Annecy, the little Venice of France is also just an hour's drive away or about 2 hours by train.

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