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Chamonix Mont Blanc has 3 very different lift passes to accommodate the different requirements of skiers to Chamonix. The most expensive permits access to sister resorts in Italy and Switzerland.  Yes, the co-ticketing means you have full access without paying any extra!

chamonix Mont-Blanc Ski Pass - there are 3 options

There are 3 Chamonix Passes:

  • The Chamonix Le Pass

  • Mont-Blanc Unlimited Card

  • Chamonix Rapid Card

The main thing to know, is that the resort is vast and when I mean vast, I mean enormously vast.  And while Chamonix is renowned for its steep deeps and adrenalin fueled skiing, there are also miles of groomed terrain ideal for intermediate and high intermediate skiers.

Resort management invested in a customer survey and the result is the packaged resort passes designed to meet skiers preferences.

  • The le' pass has been designed to accommodate the intermediate skier including beginners; 

  • the expert skier gets access to an unrivaled amount of terrain via the Unlimited Mont Blanc Card;

  • and the recently introduced Rapid Card provides flexibility for a pay-as-you-go usage and ideal for frequent visitors to the resort.

Three options for Chamonix Ski passes

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Chamonix Ski Pass - the best value skiing in France

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chamonix Mont Blanc Unlimited Card

The chamonix Mont Blanc Unlimited Option is exactly that - there are no restrictions on terrain and it gives access to

  • All of the Chamonix resort

  • The Les Houches area

  • Verbier, Switzerland

  • Courmayeur, Italy

  • The Aiguille du Midi Cable car

Expert skiers and High Intermediates, please don't even think twice about purchasing the Mont Blanc Unlimited Option. 

It's excellent value for the small price differential.

Courmayeur Italy - the valley


Chamonix lifts

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Chamonix Le Pass

This is excellent value, designed for intermediate and beginners. It allows access to all of Chamonix with the exception of:

  • The Aiguille du Midi for the Vallee Blanche

  • The top section of the Grands Montets

  • Les Houches

  • Also no access to the sister resorts in Italy and Switzerland

If staying at Chamonix Mont Blanc, it's ideal for access to the nursery slopes in town and to the sun blessed south facing slopes of Brevent and Flegere, facing Mont Blanc. 

So What About These Restricted Areas?

To help you decide if you want to access these 4 areas, here is a little synopsis.

  • The Vallee Blanche is the off-piste route that can be undertaken by a high intermediate as long as you go with a guide. Some intermediates attempt this at the close of the week, after they've gotten their ski-legs back. You can purchase a one-way ticket up the cable car, located at the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc

  • The summit of the Grands Montets is the absolutely best steep deeps in the resort and expert skiers return repeatedly - it really is fantastic.  If you're not ready to tackle ungroomed moguled slopes, paying to explore this area may not be worthwhile. The top is seriously black, very fast and very steep - and of course, perfect for some skiers,  but too scary for others.

  • Les Houches is a wonderful family skiing area and frankly, just delightful. It is located in the southern area of Chamonix. To visit you could purchase a day ticket. It is a pretty region with groomed pistes cut into the forests and it makes for a change in the stark open high altitude terrain which is most of Chamonix.  Expert skiers will want to explore the World Cup Piste, The Kandahar and if you time your visit to coincide with the World Cup, you could be skiing alongside the champions.

  • It's a shame this option does not permit access to Verbier in Switzerland and Courmayeur in Italy.  Although, of course, you could purchase a day ticket to visit as these resorts are very good skiing for intermediates too.

In short,  the more expensive Mont Blanc Unlimited option is designed for expert skiers who will explore just about all the terrain available while the less expensive option is for intermediate and beginner skiers.

Chamonix Rapid Card

This is a convenient charge up card, used as a Pay-As-You-Go for the year. It is ideal for frequent visitors to Chamonix who may visit several weekends over the season. It can be used for both summer and winter visits.

This Chamonix Rapid Card includes

  • The summit of Grands Montets

  • Les Houches

  • The Midi Cable Car

But not, the co-ticketed resorts of Verbier and Courmayeur.

Access is similiar to the Mont Blanc Unlimited Option without the sister resorts.

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