Full and Half Day Tour
Chamonix And Mont Blanc

Views to across the Alps to Italy and Switzerland

These full and half day tours of Chamonix and Mont Blanc are rated four and a half and four stars respectively. The guided tours commence in Geneva, Switzerland taking the 90 minute journey by coach to the stylish French town of Chamonix Mont Blanc.


Visitors have rated the full day Chamonix and Mont Blanc Tour with four and a half stars. Click here to read their testimonials

The half day Chamonix and Mont Blanc tour is rated four stars. Click here to read visitors testimonials.

Both tours include the amazing cable car trip up to 3400 m to the top of the Aiguille du Midi where you can enjoy the most spectacular views across the Alps to Italy, France and Switzerland. The engineering itself is awesome and what a feat this must've been as the works commenced before the first World War.

The photo is of the top of the Aiguille du Midi which means Needle at Midday.  Read more about the Aiguille du Midi.  

From the open terraces, if there is good weather, you'll be able to spot Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe at 4800m. The town of Chamonix Mont Blanc sits at the foot of Mont Blanc.

You may have heard Chamonix is the Death Sports Capital of the world, with mountaineering, steep pistes, off-piste skiing, para-skiing and all this happens in the Haute Savoie Alps region right here.  When you see the Alps and the steep craggy mountains, it's clear why the sports here are so dangerous.

From the viewing platforms, you'll see a line of little figures heading down the steep slope, just like in the photo.  They're the skiers who started at the top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car terminal and they're carrying their skis, treading carefully, trying not to slip to get down to a small flat area. There they'll have a breather, put on their skis and ski down the glacier. 

This slope is precariously steep. If anyone falls here, it really is sayonara. Being off piste, there are no cut stairs, no ropes, no safety barriers  - it really is pure mother nature.

...yes, and people pay money to ski this amazing route. In fact skiing the Vallee Blanche is on the  "Bucket List" for most advanced skiers.

You'll come across a small tunnel heading to the open. There's a small steel platform and a set of steep stairs. This is where skiers head down to start their journey down the Vallee Blanche, a dangerous off-piste route of 17 kms.

You can read more about the ski adventure down the glacier, the Mer de Glace where skiers will come across ice towers or seracs, deep crevasses, rutted deeply moguled tracks.

Visit the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc for lunch

The tour group will then return to the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc to enjoy lunch. Be sure to have a look at the elegant stores around the pedestranized mall at Place Balmat and Rue du Docteur Paccard. This is the high end retail section of town and it's where you'll find the beautiful people. Around this area are the gourmet restaurants, chic coffee houses, lovely stores and browse through the Chanel store.


Those on the full day Chamonix and Mont Blanc tour, will visit Montenvers and the ice caves. You get there via the historic rack and pinion small gauge train.

The size of the ancient mer de glace glacier is amazing. The name translated means Sea of Ice and was so named by as the glacier resembles frozen ocean waves. It is enormous and it is just awesome to see the power of this tongue of ice  scraping its way down the Alps over thousands of years.

Walk down and enjoy the ice caves drilled into the glacier.

You'll also see skiers coming up the stair case from the mer de glace. When there is insufficient snow, this is where their Vallee Blanche adventure ends.  They take off their skis when they arrive at the moraine field, and head up the steel stair case to get the train back to town.

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