No 13 Chamonix Bus
Le Tour to Les Grands Montets

No 13 - Chamonix Bus

Le Tour and Les Grands Montets. This service starts at the hamlet of Les Iles and services only the head of the valley including the village of Argentiere and the two ski regions.

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No 13 Chamonix Bus
Le Tour

Winter Schedule for No 13 Chamonix Bus 
Operative only between Les Grands Montets and Le Tour

Schedule current to 30 March 2014.
Does Not Operate On Saturdays


This half hourly service operates only between the 2 ski regions of Le Tour for the ski region of Domaine de Balme and Les Grands Montets. It operates only during the winter season from December 22,  2013 to  March 30, 2014 and is NOT operative on Saturdays.

Note that it regularly plys the route starting at 8.30am from the hamlet of Les Iles and the last run is at 6 pm.

The bus stops directly at the lift terminals both at Grands Montets and at Domaine de Balme.

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As with all bus transport in the valley for skiers, this transport is free for skiers with a current valid pass and for non-skiers holding a carte d'hote.

This bus service does NOT go to Chamonix Mont Blanc and is a skiers service between the two ski regions at the head of the valley. It services the villages of Les Iles and Argentiere.


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