Chamonix Bus
Les Grands Montets
No 11 From Chamonix Mont Blanc

No 11 - Chamonix Bus

Les Grands Montets from Chamonix Mont Blanc. There are 2 lines that deliver passengers directly to the cable car terminal at Les Grands Montets, the signature ski region in the resort:

  • Bus No 1
  • Bus No 11
  • Bus No 12 goes to Argentiere, the service town for Grands Montets, on its way to Domaine de Balme.

Chamonix Bus
Les Grands Montets No 11

Winter Schedule for Chamonix Bus No 11 from Chamonix Mont Blanc to Les Grands Montets

Schedule current to 30 March 2014 - Everyday except Saturday


At peak times, the buses operates frequently, otherwise please refer to the timetable.

Winter Peak times:

  • Morning from Cham:   9 to 10.40am
  • Afternoon from Les Grands Montets:     4.05 to 5.35pm
  • Sunday to Friday - every 10 minutes
  • Saturday - every 15 minutes

For All Routes:

To view the original schedule issued by Chamonix Bus, click here:

Cham Bus pdf

Winter Schedule for Chamonix Bus No 11  to Les Grands Montets

Saturday Only Service to 30 March 2014

The efficient free public transport moves thousands every day to and from the ski regions. When you get there, you'll see why it is so incredibly popular. Seasoned skiers return again and again for world class skiing, yet the middle section at Lognan is a wonderful playground of long red and blue pistes. 

I've included on this page, only the details for the Number 11 which plys the route described here. This goes directly to the cable car terminal. It is literally steps from getting off the transport to the lift.

Skiers Low Down

If you can, go early, as this no 11 bus is incredibly popular. Just about everyone wants to go to Les Grands Montets, the signature region at Chamonix.  It's not just the steep deeps for the advanced skiers, but the middle area around Lognan has good variety for intermediates and it's fantastic skiing the 2000 descent down to the bottom cable car.

If you're away from the center, try to walk that little bit more to get to the bus hub behind the pedestrian mall. A big pick up area is at the Mummery, so go to the stops BEFORE the Mummery.

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