No 15 Chamonix Bus
Les Houches

No 15 - Chamonix Bus

Les Houches passes through the suburbs of Chamonix Mont Blanc including Les Bossons, Les Pelerins and Les Gaillands, stopping at the ski lifts at Les Houches of:

  • Le Prarion
  • Bellevue
  • La Tourchet
  • and in town, at Les Planards, a short walk from the Montenvers train station

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The No 15 Chamonix Bus
Les Houches

Winter Schedule for No 15 Chamonix Bus 
Chamonix Mont Blanc To Les Houches

Schedule current to 30 March 2014


This route primarily services the local residents and the suburbs west of Chamonix Mont Blanc towards Servoz/Geneva.   Unlike the skiers buses, there are no special peak hour times for this bus route, however the pistes at Les Houches are also serviced by:

  • Bus No 1
  • Bus No 5

Notice the scheduled times suit commuters with about 3 services an hour at popular times and in the slow part of the day, just one an hour.

Note reduced services on weekends.

For All Routes:

To view the original schedule issued by Chamonix Bus, click here:

ChamBus pdf

The bus service is free for skiers with a current valid pass and for non-skiers holding a carte d'hote.

The buses stop at the usual bus stops in town:

  • Chamonix Sud
  • Chamonix Centre
  • Montenvers train station
  • Place Mont Blanc - Marche'

Skiers Low Down

While this is primarily a commuter's bus rather than a skiers' bus, the fare is still free for those on a valid Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass or for non-skiers, a Carte d' Hote.

Why would you go to Les Houches?

Well, if the World Cup's on, you have to make the effort to see it or even if it's not, it's an experience to ski the Kandahar, the World Cup Piste.  

For families, the area is gentle, and despite it being at low altitude, there are snow guns on piste here.

If the weather has closed in, the pistes at Les Houches are treed, being cut into the forests and that means far better visibility.


  • It is best to have your accommodation close to a bus stop. From years of visiting ski resorts all over the world, I know that the worst thing is the trudge back to the lodge after a hard day on the slope.
  • Always keep your ski pass on you even when not skiing so as to use the bus transport.

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