Chamonix Bus Schedule
Chamonix To Le Tour

Here is the Chamonix bus schedule for one of the routes most favored by skiers - from the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc up to the head of the valley at Le Tour.

This bus delivers passengers directly to the lifts at Domaine de Balme/Le Tour via the village of Argentiere. Argentiere, is the service town for the ski region of Les Grands Montets

Chamonix Bus Schedule
No 12 To Le Tour

Winter Schedule for Bus No 12 from Chamonix Mont Blanc to Le Tour

Schedule current to 30 March 2014 - Everyday except Saturday


At peak times, the bus operates frequently, otherwise please refer to the timetable.

Winter Peak times:

  • Morning from Chamonix:   8.55 to 10.35am
  • Afternoon from Le Tour:     4.05 to 5.15pm
  • Sunday to Friday - every 10 minutes
  • Saturday - every 15 minutes

For All Routes:

Click on this link to see the original schedule:

Cham Bus pdf

Winter Schedule for Bus No 12  to Le Tour

Saturday Only Service to 30 March 2014

The resort's town planning must be congratulated for the efficient free public transport that moves thousands every day to and from the ski regions.  I've included on this page, only the details for Bus Number 12 which plys the route between the main town and the popular regions of Les Grands Montets and Domaine de Balme.

You'll need to love the bus system at Chamonix as its just so massive and because the regions are not inter-connected, the only way to get around is by train or by road.  We found the bus service far more convenient as you're taken right to the terminal, whereas by train, you do need to hike it from the station.

Skiers quick low down:

Domaine de Balme, the ski region for the No 12 bus, has wide open bowls, slopes with lovely gentle gradients and long courdroy pistes. Beginners and intermediates, you'll have marvelous fun here.

There are some challenging fun runs for high intermediates from the top where you can see the border with Switzerland.

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