Chamonix Car Rental Companies Mostly
Not At The Resort

I'll get straight to the issue.  There are loads of Chamonix car rental companies close to Chamonix but only one at Chamonix. 

You'll find on searching online, there are loads of car rental companies including the majors who advertise Chamonix Car Rental, but on enquiry, the pickup location is invariably at a large regional center. What this means for you, is time, inconvenience or  a hefty delivery fee.

Chamonix Car Rental Companies are at...

Of the many major car rental companies, only one is represented in Chamonix, and that's  Europcar. You'll find the office located directly opposite the main train station at Chamonix Mont Blanc. It's a little office with a small gated parking area adjacent.

You'll find when you do your research and planning, it is not worth paying for car rental while based here as:

  • Getting to and from Cham by shuttle is inexpensive 

  • There's no need for independent transport when the transport in the valley is free and efficient

  • Parking is limited and on an availability basis - this means at peak season or on weekends...good luck!

  • Parking costs and it hurts when you have to pay for a vehicle that won't be used for the duration of the vacation

  • Now, you don't require a car to get to Courmayeur in Italy, for which bus access is possible to those on the more expensive Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass.   The fare is not unreasonable, but you do have to book a seat in advance.

Where would you drive to?

There are circumstances, when an occasional access to a car is useful and we found a need for this service to explore Verbier, the co-partner in Switzerland  and when we chose to take a break from high intensity skiing to visit the Large Hadron Collider at Meyrin, about an hour's drive from Chamonix.

We considered the visit to the LHC at CERN to be the highlight of our trip to Europe
...and we're seasoned travelers.

On a bad weather day, you may want to leave the valley to explore nearby attractions such as Montreux in Switzerland. It's just gorgeous and the two hour drive is well worth it to explore the Riviera of Switzerland.

Or take a day trip to Annecy or Geneva, slightly over an hour's drive from town.

Annecy France Market Day

Market Day

View of Montreux Switzerland across to Lake Geneva

Montreux On
Lake Geneva

The Car Rental Office

The address for the Europcar Office in Cham is at

36 Place de la Gare
Immeuble l'univers
74400 Chamonix

Phone: +33 0 450536340
Fax:      +33 0450584171

As it is a one man office and he keeps French office hours, be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointments.  There's not a large stock of vehicles, but our rental car was always clean and ready for us on time.  Clearly, the majors have concluded for their market in Chamonix car rental companies are not necessarily in big demand.

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