Chamonix Car Rental
Should Be Easy...Don't You Think?

Now, you'd think that Chamonix car rental would be so very simple and easy, given the enormous surge of tourists vacationing in Chamonix France.

Alas, this is not at all the case.

We've tried every one of the major car rental companies including the wholesale European car rental outlets. Many advertise Chamonix Mont Blanc as an outlet; but only one company has a presence in town. 

...and that is...


This is the only office in the region. The other companies will arrange for a driver from a nearby outlet to bring the car to Cham - this of course, means you'll have to pay a delivery fee. Try asking for quotes - it's astronomical!

The closest centre for car hire is Montreux Switzerland or at Geneva. This is about a 3 hour journey by train or an hour by car from the town center. I know, because I've done this trip to return a hire car to Montreux, so as to avoid a one-way fee.

The only car rental office is a little office directly opposite the main train station in the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Tip: Don't get confused with the names of towns. Chamonix France is the commune of little villages in the Chamonix Valley. Chamonix Mont Blanc is the main town in this valley.

He's open only during official office hours, so don't bother trying to rent on the weekends or at lunch time. It's a one-man office, so try to fit in with their working hours.

As there is not a lot of choice of vehicles, it's best to make your enquiries early so that he can get access to your preferred vehicle.

Chamonix Car Rental
Where To Go?

If you're based here, you'll find it's ideally positioned for day excursions to lovely historical and important towns such as Montreux, Martigny, Annecy, Geneva, CERN, and of course, the lovely villages in the Italian Alps around Aosta just 20 minutes away through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

experiments at the LHC are at the frontiers of knowledge

LHC Tour

Verbier Ski Resort

Ski Resort

View of Montreux Switzerland across to Lake Geneva

Montreux On
Lake Geneva

You may want to explore skiing in Verbier Switzerland, afterall, it's free on the Unlimited Pass.

This resort co-tickets with Verbier which means, you get to explore all the four valleys in Verbier. We did find although, if doing a day trip, there's likely to be insufficient time to explore all of this beautiful Swiss resort.

It is a two hour drive from Cham and well worth the effort.

We had a good experience with the one and only Chamonix car rental outlet. The office is conveniently located, he had the rental vehicle clean and ready and further, the cost was not unreasonable. However, we did make sure to accommodate the car rental operator's office hours.

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