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Chamonix Events in January 2014

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Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or non-skier looking for something different on your vacation, there'll be something of interest. To go check out the season's events in the Valley, click on the button here:

Cinema Vox
Click here for the link to the cinema program. Cinema Vox is on the main pedestrian mall at Place Balmat, in the center of town.

EVENTS - January 2014

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Details of events held over the course of the season are not repeated each month. If you can't locate the details in this month, check the link reference on the calendar details and go to the first month of listing.

Chamonix Events In January 2014
International Sport

international Competitions Chamonix events In January 2014

FIS Races at 18:00

Event: FIS Grand Slalom International Championships

When: Friday Jan 3, Saturday Jan 4, 2014 at 18:00

Where: Les Planards, Chamonix Mont Blanc

Cost:  No charge

Details:  Club des Sports  t  04 50 53 11 57   e  club@chamonixsport.com
w  http://www.chamonixsport.com

European Cup Cross Country Skiing

Events Held From Friday January 10 to Sunday January 12, 2014

Where:  Domaine de ski de fond , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Club des Sports   t    04 50 53 11 57  e   club@chamonixsport.com

Swatch Free Ride World Tour

The Ultimate Freeride Competition. The events in Chamonix is the second part of a 6 location World Tour culminating at the end of March in Verbier.

When:    January 24 to 26, 2014

Where:   Brevent, Chamonix Mont Blanc for the comp

              Place Balmat and  Place du Triangle de l'Amitié  - that's the center of town for demo events.

Cost:      No Charge

More Info: Tourist Office, Chamonix   t  04 50 53 00 24    e  info@chamonix.com
w  http://www.freerideworldtour.com

More details on the FreeRide World Tour Series

Chamonix Events In January 2014

Ice Hockey

Event:  Ice Hockey

When:  Saturday Jan 11,  2014  at 20:30 Chamonix vs Epinal.

            Saturday Jan 18, at 20:30  Chamonix vs Caen

             Friday Jan 24, at 20:30   Chamonix vs Strasbourg

             Tuesday Feb 11, at 20:30 Chamonix vs Grenoble

Where: Ice Rink at La Patinoire , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Cost:    Adult : 12 €, child : 8 € (Child more than 8 yrs old.)

Club des Sports  t  04 50 53 11 57  club@chamonixsport.com
w  http://www.chamonixsport.com


Nordic Festival

A wonderful family activity. Come and try Nordic activities such as Biathlon, skating, snowshoeing, dog sledding and more.

When:  Saturday January 18, 2014

Where: Domaine Nordique , Chamonix Mont Blanc.

This is the cross country trails which start at the building "Ski de Fond".  It's like the Nordic Shelter. The free little eco bus stops right outside here.

Cost:   No charge

04 50 53 11 15

More SNowSports - Ski Tours

 Ski Tour Relay Event

When: Jan 14, 2014 at 18:00

Where: Ski du Fond Building, at Domaines du Nordique Chamonix Mont Blanc

Details:   Club des Sports  04 50 53 11 57   club@chamonixsport.com


events At Les Houches

Night Skiing with hot wine and hot chocolate.

When: Thursday January 9,  2014  at 20:30

            Thursday January 16,  2014  at 20:30

            Thursday January 23,  2014  at 20:30

            Thursday January 30,  2014  at 20:30

Where: Piste du Tourchet, Avenue des Alpages , Les Houches

Cost : No Charges

More Info: Office de Tourisme Les Houches & Servoz
  04 50 55 50 62

Les Houches Ski Club Events/Races

When: Saturday January 11,  2014 Les Houches Ski Club organize a giant race.

Where: Col de Voza, Les Houches

Cost:    No charges

More information: Ski club   e    contact@skiclubleshouches.fr

Ski Jump Races

When: Wednesday January 22,  2014

Where: tremplin du Chanté, Les Houches

Cost: No charges

Club des Sports    t  04 50 53 11 57   e  club@chamonixsport.com

A Traditional Feast 

Cheese Fondue and dance

Menu:  fondue, salad, dessert, kir and coffee

When: Saturday January 25,  2014 at 20:00

Where:  Espace Olca , Les Houches

Cost:  Adult  17 €, child  10 €

Details: Harmonie municipale - L'Echo des Glaciers   t  06 45 87 60 66

Chamonix Events In January 2014
Events For Non-Skiers

Photo Walks

This looks interesting. You'll have the opportunity to visit little hamlets in the Chamonix Valley and see a master chef at work. Teresa will lead a group to take photos of traditional Savoie life in Chamonix.  Reservations are required.

When:        Mondays and Thursdays to January 30, 2014.

Cost:          35 euros

Minimum:   4 person group

Meet:         l'église Saint Michel , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. This is the church in the center of town

Led by:      Teresa Kaufman - Les promenades photo de Teresa

Contact:     06 08 95 89 42   e teresa.kaufman@wanadoo.fr
w  http://www.teresakaufman.com

Equipment:  Camera of any sort including smart phones, sturdy walking shoes

History Of Chamonix

When:         Every Thursday through January, 2014 at 10 am

Meet:          Tourist Office, Chamonix Mont Blanc

About:         A cultural event - A history of Chamonix

Cost:          8 euros

Contact:     t  04 50 53 00 24   e  info@chamonix.com

This 2 hour walk is in French only

Chamonix Events In January 2014
Music/ Theatre


La Coupole : Gaël Faye

When: Friday January 31,  2014 at 20:30

Where:  MJC - Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, 94 Promenade du Fori , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Cost: Adult : from 12 to 15 €

Details: MJC - Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture    t    04 50 53 12 24
  mjc.chamonix@wanadoo.fr      w   http://www.mjchamonix.org

Jazz Concert

When:     Saturday Feb  1,  2014 at 21:00

Where:    Le Majestic , Allée du Majestic , Chamonix Mont Blanc.

               This is not far from the town center - it's on the main thoroughfare behind the pedestrian mall

Cost:       Adult : 20 €, child : 10 €

More Info: Mairie de Chamonix Mont Blanc   t  04 50 53 75 17  e culture@chamonix.fr
w  http://www.chamonix.fr

chamonix events in January 2014 For new Year
New Year's Eve Party!

La Lucarne is holding a New Year's Eve Party with Disco/ Funk music in one room and Techno House in the other. There's room for 800 people at the La Lucarne which is at the bar at the ice skating rink. That's where the ice hockey games are held.

Venue:  La Lucarne

Date: 31 December 2013,

Time: 22:00 to 6:00

Cost:  15 e pp

Where to purchase tickets:

 La Lucarne - 121 Route de la Patinoire
 ChamServe – 109 Promenade Marie Paradis
 Sole Boot Lab – 14 Chemin des Pouvolles,
 Hotel Le Vert - 964 Route des Gaillands
 Haute Transfer - Place Edmond Desailloud

New Year's Eve Dinner

New Year's Eve Dinner will be served at the Langley Hotel Gustavia, located directly opposite the Railway Station.

Call 04 50 53 00 31 to reserve a table.

The four course menu looks pretty inviting. 

Creamed Green Pea Soup

Filet of Beef with Port Wine Gravy, Mushroom and Cognac Butter

Brie de Meaux with Compote of Pears and Figs

Milk Chocolate Cheesecake with Swedish Gingerbread cookies

Cost: 40e/ 20 e for children under 12 years

Data for Chamonix events in January 2014, courtesy of the Chamonix's official site. Click on the link to view the full list of events.

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