Need a gift? Friends heading off for
a Chamonix Holiday?

Our reader's family are about to head off on a Chamonix holiday. He wants to purchase an undated Chamonix ski pass.


I would like to buy four 2-day Le Pass ski tickets as gifts for my 2 sons and their wives for Christmas.

Can these be used for ANY days in December or January? What I am asking is do I have to pick the ski dates as these are gifts?

Thank you.

Hutton, USA


Folks, we have Hutton to thank for posing this excellent question.

This is the screenshot of where to purchase an undated Chamonix ski pass.

For your Chamonix Holiday - Gift purchase of Chamonix Ski Pass - screen shot from official chamonix site

Compagnie du Mont Blanc, the organization that sells the ski tickets responded:

It is possible online but only for one day passes. You can find it on our website <http://www.compagniedumontblanc.co.uk/>  on « buy online » and then « gifts ».
Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Claire Mercuriot
PC Accueil
Destination Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Compagnie du Mont-Blanc
35, Place de la Mer de Glace

Here's The Short Cut

So, I went and tried it out. Here's the short cut .

Click here to go directly to this page to purchase the holiday gift.

You have a choice of 4 gifts for one day passes for both skiers and non-skiers:

  • Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass

  • Le Pass

  • Montenvers

  • Aiguille du Midi

The pricing's not too bad - afterall, this is a world-class resort.

But it does give flexibility as dates need not be inserted.

Holiday Gifts for Skiers:

These Chamonix ski pass options are  a terrific idea for family and friends about to enjoy a Chamonix holiday.  Unlike booking online for a Chamonix ski pass, this process via the gift section does not require the insertion of dates. So, it's open dated for some months and makes this an ideal way to purchase a holiday gift.  Just note though, the Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass does expire in May 2014.

The Le Pass is ideal for those wanting to "taste test" the resort until ready to really explore the steep deeps. 

This is an excellent idea for those on a Chamonix holiday as a long weekend or short break holiday.

Holiday Gifts for Non-Skiers:

Yeah, the big thing at this resort, other than the amazing skiing are the views across the Alps from the top of the Aiguille du Midi - Yes, it is absolutely worth the cost. We found it wasn't just the stunning views across the Alps to Italy that were truly awesome, but the engineering itself is a marvel.

The Montenvers train is the charming olde' world rack and pinion train that wends its way up through the forests and breaks out at the ancient glacier, the Mer de Glace. Now, this glacier is truly, something to see.

The photo below is of an eagle flying over the glacier at Montenvers. Click on the photo to go to the video. It's  taken from a camera strapped to the back of the eagle. Amazing stuff!

This holiday gift will be appreciated  - the experience is special - bucket list stuff.

View from camera strapped to the back of an eagle flying over the Mer de Glace, Chamonix

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