Day Prices for
Chamonix Lift Pass

A Daily Chamonix Lift Pass allows a pedestrian or casual skier access to the mountains in the resort. Truly, the views are magnificent and it is worth making a day excursion to the top and enjoying lunch on the mountain.

If you have the Chamonix Le Pass which provides limited access to the resort, you could purchase an add-on lift pass to occasionally access more of the mountain. For example with the Le Pass, you could, with a one way pass from Lognan to the top of the Grands Montets and explore more challenging terrain when you feel ready.

Winter 2014 - 2015 Adult Lift Pass


One Way


Chamonix to Plan Plaz

Plan Plaz to Brevent

Chamonix to Brevent

16.50 e

14.00 e

30.50 e

13.50 e

9.00 e

22.50 e


Les Praz to Flegere

Flegere to Index

Les Praz to Index

16.50 e

11.00 e

27.50 e

13.50 e

9.00 e

22.50 e

Grands Montets Area

Argentiere to Lognan

Lognan to Les Grands Montets

Argentiere to Les Grands Montets

16.50 e

17.00 e

33.50 e

13.50 e

14.50 e

28.00 e

Domaine de Balme

Le Tour to Charamilion

Le Tour to Col de Balme (Autannes)

Not yet available

Not yet available

Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix to Plan de l'Aiguille

Plan de l'Aiguille to Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix to The Top of the Midi

16.50 e

40.50 e

57.00 e

14.50 e

32.50 e

47.00 e

Check the official Chamonix site for more detail. You'll find discounted prices for children ages 4 - 15, children under 4 years of age and family packages.  Don't worry about the language - just click on the British flag at the top right hand site. It's located amongst a bar of flags. There is no common price for all lifts and you'll have to click on each ski area, such as Brevent or Le Tour/Domain de Balme to obtain the daily pricing for that particular lift.

The lift opening times are also listed. You'll need to know this so you get off the mountain in good time.

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