Chamonix MAp
Mont Blanc Folded Map In English And French (2012)

Chamonix Map Mont Blanc Folded Map: Chamonix Mont-Blanc ~ IGN Top 25 3630OT 2012 (English and French Edition)

Chamonix Map Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix Mont-Blanc ~ IGN Top 25 3630OT 2012 (English and French Edition)

About Chamonix Map Mont Blanc Massif

  • Map publisher: Institut Geographique National; 2 edition (May 26, 2012)

  • IGN Top 25 3630OT 2012

  • Scale is 1: 25,000

  • Folded out dimensions: 3 ' by 4'

  • The map is printed on one side only

  • Covers only the north eastern part of the Mont Blanc Massif to the Chamonix Courmayeur ( Mont Blanc) tunnel

  • The companion map covers the southwestern half - St-Gervais Massif du Mont Blanc Carte de Randonnee IGN Top 25 3531ET 2012. It is also an English and French Edition.

  • Reviewer's description: "Traditional 10 meter (33') contour lines are displayed on glaciers and lower slopes while the upper slopes are delineated by ridges, couloirs and outcrops. Combined with a shading pattern to give a 3D effect, the result is a map that makes it very easy to recognize mountain features. Crevasses, moraines and rockfall zones are also painstakingly mapped. Every col, ridge, needle and point on this massif seems to have a name, and all the names are shown. Also shown are mountain huts, cableways, tunnels, generalized ski routes, posted and unposted trails, and a separate line style for the more difficult portions of trails."

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