Record Descent Into Chamonix
Paragliding From The Top of Mont Blanc

September 2013

Antoine Montegani and Nicholas Anthonioz in Chamonix

Paragliding in a record speed descent from the top of Mont Blanc to finish at the church in the town center in an amazing time of 15 minutes!

Watch this sensational video.

Skiers to Vallee Blanche, take note:

Antoine and Nicholas start their journey with their paragliding gear or mini-wings by heading up the Aiguille du Midi cable car.  When you start your route down to ski the glacier, you will go through the same tunnel and exit the tunnel to head down the slope just like in the video.  You too will stand on that same platform over looking the Alps, where they're being interviewed.

See that slope people are walking down - note this looks quite manageable but this is video was taken in summer. In winter, take some care, please, especially, first timers and tourists.

They're walking down the ridge which takes them to an arrete or landing platform where they'll catch their breath, shore up their spirits, then clip on their gear before heading off.

Chamonix Paragliding

Aren't these fellows amazing!

They say the worst part of the route is the climb up to the top ...what with their skis and wings/paragliding equipment. Can you imagine their level of fitness!  And watch them take off skiing off with their skis and landing close to town, gliding in with their skis on.  They make the rest of the journey to the church in the middle of town on bicycles!

... They've taken all of 15 minutes to descend from the highest mountain in Western Europe!

It's sheer madness!

Here is where you'll find Fly Chamonix who will take you paragliding over the Alps.  Yes, they do this in winter too! 

Chamonix truly is the adventure capital of Europe what with the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, right here to be conquered, the Valle Blanche and its mighty glacier, the best steep deeps in the world. You may as well add in paragliding to your list of high adrenalin adventures on offer.

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Click here to view the adventurers' youtube video.

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