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We tell you which of the Chamonix skiing areas are ideal for families and intermediate skiers as we’ve skied every one of Chamonix’s pistes. You’ll probably want to read the page Ski Chamonix firstly, so you know the location of the best skiing areas suited to your family or travel companions, BEFORE booking your accommodation.

We’ve found over the many years we’ve been skiing that it’s always most convenient to have accommodation located close to your favorite pistes.

On this page we cover:

Chamonix France  - Villages In The Resort 

Chamonix Skiing Regions:
NOT Interconnected

Now, you do know that the skiing regions are not interconnected. There are 6 major ski areas plus Courmayeur Italy and Verbier Switzerland. On the page Chamonix France, with an orientation of the resort, I’ve written about Cham’s ski regions that line the Valley around the town of Chamonix. Transport to the ski areas is easy and efficient on the Chamonix ski bus and the “mulet”.

While we’re huge fans of the ski buses at Cham, nonetheless, travelling around can take up a huge chunk of the ski day unless you’re staying close to where you’ll be skiing. Over the years, we’ve learnt to select our accommodation carefully so as not to waste time travelling to get the kids to ski school then travel elsewhere for a decent day’s ski and back again to collect the kids to get home. When we were in Aspen, this commuting took over 2 hours a day. Heavens…commuting while on holiday is no holiday…

On this page, we go through what it's really like at the Chamonix Skiing regions of Brevent, Flegere and Domaine de Balme. These three ski areas are the best in Cham for family skiing holidays.

The cost effective, regular pass, the Chamonix Le Pass is perfect for access to these sun-blessed ski regions. We canvass the different ski passes on the page Skiing in France: Chamonix Best Value Ski Pass.

Chamonix Skiing: Brevent

The best advantage of this ski area at Brevent is that it’s so very close to town and if you’re staying in the villas on the northern slopes of Chamonix Mont-Blanc, the Brevent cable car is right in your neighbourhood.

View of Chamonix town and Brevent

The town of Chamonix Mont Blanc is situated in the valley . The Brevent ski region is sited high on the mountain.

The slope here is south facing which means it's sun drenched! There's lots of terrain for intermediate skiers and ideal for beginners wanting to stretch their abilities and what's more this joint ski region with Flagere means there's even more terrain to explore.

A lateral or horizontal cable car takes skiers between Brevent and Flagere.

You must check out the views from the restaurant at the top of Brevent. It really is sensational!  The route from the top is a steep black run, fabulous for expert skiers. If this is not your cup of tea, just catch the cable car back down again.


Brevent is wonderful for families as you can see where the kids are in this wide sunny bowl, ideal for intermediate skiers as there's lots of terrain to explore but perhaps not so challenging for the advanced skier. Steep black runs are not the happening thing here, but a wonderful place to find your ski legs after a year.

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Chamonix Skiing: Flegere

Flegere is twinned with Brevent and the region is commonly named "Brevent-Flegere".  This area is accessed via the horizontal Liason Cable car that traverses the valley separating these two sections.  Or, there's a cable car from the village of La Praz.

The slopes here have loads of variety for red and blue pistes and some challenging black runs, as well as reasonably extensive nursery slopes.

Flegere is ideal for a group skiing together, at different ranges of abilities.

Together with Brevent, you'll find loads of excellent terrain on the sun blessed face of the resort.

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Chamonix Skiing: Domaine de Balme

The Domaine de Balme is totally wonderful with lots of long blue and red pistes, loads of terrain to explore in a wide, sunny, open bowl.

You can see from one end of the bowl to the other, so I think it is fairly safe for children and you'll be able to keep an eye on them.

Access is efficient via the free bus to Le Tour or if you're staying at Vallorcine at the head of the valley, the local lift takes skiers directly to the bowl. 

The Chamonix Le Pass is valid for this region.

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Chamonix Skiing: Green Pistes

There are a number of green areas for beginners throughout the Chamonix skiing regions.

La Savoy, a poma next to Club Med in town
Les Planards, in town near the train station – it’s the most extensive green area in the valley
Flagere, accessed from the Brevent lift in town or from the village of Les Praz, is great fun, located in the midst of the principal area and adjacent to long, well groomed blue and red runs
Les Chosalets, a small area near Argentiere, the access village for Les Grands Montets
La Vormaine at La Tour, the access village for Domaine de Balme
Le Tourchet at Les Houches, at the southern end of the valley.

All of these are all located at the bottom of the valley, other than the green area at Flegere, which is higher and more extensive.

In our family’s considered opinions, these areas are well groomed, wide, there’s lots of variety and located on sun-blessed slopes. For intermediate skiers and for families, the Chamonix skiing areas of Domaine de Balme, Brevent and Flegere are absolutely FANTASTIC!

More about Chamonix Lifts accessible from the town center

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