The Chamonix To Verbier Bus

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The Chamonix To Verbier Bus is a regular service but operates only if there is sufficient demand.

...and yes, access to the ski resort Verbier Switzerland is free on your Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass BUT only

  • if it is a pass for more than 6 days
  • if you have an annual or season pass, access to Verbier is for a maximum of 8 days

Now that the Chamonix Verbier ground rules are out of the way,  we can share with you the details of the Bus Service.

Bus From Chamonix To Verbier

Chamonix To Verbier Bus Fare:  23e return

You need to know:

  • There's only one Chamonix Verbier bus service and it only operates on a Thursday 
  • The Chamonix Verbier bus will leave only if there is a minimum of 30 passengers
  • Booking is essential, with payment at the time of booking. 
  • Contact:
    Chamonix Bus: +33 450 530 555 - www.chamonix-bus.com

        SAT Chamonix: +33 450 530 115 - chamsat@orange.fr

Don't worry, if it doesn't leave, you'll get a full refund.  However, if you cancel or miss the Chamonix Verbier bus, I suggest you look at the conditions of purchase.

Chamonix Verbier Departure Schedule:

This one bus heads up the valley from the starting point at Chamonix Sud (that's the stop nearby to the Aiguille du Midi cable car terminal) and picks up passengers at designated stops to Vallorcine. If you miss the one and only Chamonix Verbier bus, there's always the option of car rental from Europcar.

  • 8:00 am Chamonix Sud
  • 8:10 am Chamonix Centre
  • 8:20 am The Le Gare
  • 8:25 am Les Praz/Flegere
  • 8:30 am Les Tines SNCF
  • 8:40 am Argentiere SNCF
  • 8:50 am Vallocine SNCF

Chamonix Verbier Tips:

  • Be at the bus stop 15 minutes earlier. You're going to Switzerland and no one is ever late
  • Be sure to have your passport

As an aside, the Le Gare is the railway station and is a term used for stations that go outside the local system. SNCF is also a train station but is used to refer to the local station, like a suburban station.

At Verbier

It takes about an hour and a half by bus. If you drive it's just over an hour but then you have to hassle around to find a parking spot - not such an easy thing to do at peak times.

Drop Off

Passengers are dropped off at Le Chable. This is the bottom of a lift that goes to Verbier town and to the Medran where the action happens.  Le Chable services a large car park and the bus terminal. 

Unlike Cham which is built on the valley floor, this is a mountain town, with lots of winding narrow streets and limited car parking.  It's no wonder town and traffic planners are keen to reduce the traffic congestion in the resort. 

If the Chable cable car is not operating, there'll be buses as substitute transport.

Remember this spot where you're dropped off. This is where you have to come back to, for the Verbier Chamonix bus.

Validate your Ticket

As you get off the Chable cable car, the Medran terminal building is directly opposite. Just walk across the road.

Go to the Medran ticket office - it's the massive building by the cable car terminal - you can't miss it. This is where you produce your Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass and it is prudent to have on you, your evidence of purchase.  Remember there are some basic rules for free resort access - see the start of this page

You may well encounter strange looks at the ticket office as it seems the Verbier Chamonix co-partnering is not necessarily well known, but  once the staff enquire with their managers, it's all fine.

Enjoy the four valleys!  The valleys are lift interconnected so you can ski uninterrupted for the entire day.

The Verbier Chamonix Bus

Verbier Chamonix - Departure Time:  5 PM

Where from:  Le Chable - at the bottom of the Le Chable lift. When you return from exploring the resort's 4 valleys, you'll more than likely end up at the bottom of the Medran.

Get across the road and into the Le Chabel cable car or bus that goes to the bottom.


Get  there 15 minutes prior.

Now what time did we say the Verbier Chamonix bus departs? 5 pm!

The Verbier Chamonix bus arrives at Vallorcine SNCF at 6 pm, then at each (pickup) stop ending the journey at Cham Sud at 6:30pm.

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