Chamonix Travel TIPS For Advanced Skiers

Here are our Top Tips to help you with your Chamonix Travel Planning.  Chamonix is deserved the Who's Who of serious skiing. It's the capital of European ski resorts and sits in the valley just below the highest peak in Europe, the Mont Blanc.

For the majority of skiers visiting Chamonix, France you're likely to have perhaps a week, no more than a fortnight here and frankly, there's so much terrain to ski and so much to do, you'll need to prioritize so that you get to experience the best skiing in Chamonix.

Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass

Chamonix Travel Tips

Focus on the the pistes to explore.

The resort is massive and each of the individual 5 regions are by themselves extensive.  However the serious skiing happens here

  • Les Grands Montets
  • The Kandahar
  • Le Vallee Blanche

DON'T MISS These Experiences.

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Les Grands Montets Cable Car
The World Cup at Les Houches
At the Vallee Blanche Chamonix - skier next to a crevasse

Check the weather. Book the guide to Vallee Blanche

With limited time on your Chamonix vacation, the first thing to do is to check the week's weather forecast, select a fine weather day and book the ski guide for the adventure down the Vallee Blanche. 

There's no question about it - if you're not familiar with this glacier and the location of secure and stable snow bridges that form over the crevasses, go with a guide.  They'll have on them ropes, shackles, locator beacons and other safety equipment.

Our Ski Guide from Compagnie du Guides

Can Your Chamonix Travel Plans Coincide With The World Cup?

Les Houches is the location of the Kandahar, the home of the Grand Slalom World Cup Events, and while the name " Kandahar Verte" implies it's a green piste, there's nothing nursery about this. This steep black course is 3300m long with a vertical drop of 870m - World Cup Champions launch themselves out of the gates and are down the bottom in 2 minutes!

Enjoy the same terrain whilst the athletes are in training and enjoy the outdoor party atmosphere during the events. There's a nightly party at Place Balmat, in the center of Chamonix Mont Blanc

The Unlimited Pass

For advanced skiers, don't even waste your time in your travel planning, reviewing the value options of the tickets on offer. Go for the more expensive one, The Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass as this is one which gives access to the very best skiing in Chamonix, and the objective is to explore the best this ticket has to offer. 

In fact, we consider this ticketing to be the best value skiing in France because of the clever co-ticketing with nearby resorts in Italy and Switzerland.

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Chamonix Travel tip: Courmayeur Italy is just 20 minutes away from Chamonix.
Chamonix Travel Tip - Plan to ski at Verbier too.

  • Courmayeur is only 20 minutes away via the Mont Blanc Tunnel. There are buses for skiers with the Unlimited Pass, but it now costs to use this service.
  • Verbier is under 2 hours away by road. Chamonix travel to Verbier is either by car or bus. Bus transport is dependent on demand, so make enquiries as soon as you get to Chamonix. Otherwise make arrangements for a car rental and  be sure to book soonest as it's just a small office.

The Most Important Tip!

Include in your travel plans checking out the location of the proposed accommodation.  Chamonix is vast, so spread out, it takes an hour by bus from one end of the valley to the other.

Don't waste time in daily commuting.

Do a little research to check that the short listed hotels or apartments in Chamonix are close to transport and ideally close to your preferred pistes.

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