Check Chamonix Weather
To Maximize Value From Your
Ski Vacation

Be sure to look up Chamonix Weather BEFORE you book your Vallee Blanche ski guide.

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To maximize your adventure experiences in Chamonix, plan ahead and watch the weather forecast.  The Valle Blanche Chamonix is dangerous stuff so book a guide to explore on fine day.

The off-piste experience is another of the many reasons why Chamonix is popular, and there is a good number of accredited guides for off-piste adventures. It's best to book a couple of days with them, the first day to receive instruction and practice and the next day, for some good fun.

But with anything off piste, remember it is more likely than not to be not covered by travel insurance and rescue must be paid for.  I think the message here is:

  1. Check the weather forecast and book a guide for clear days
  2. Always take a guide
  3. Never take unnecessary risks. There are signs announcing you're going off piste. 
  4. There are avalanche and rescue courses at Chamonix. It's worth attending if you're spending any length of time in the Valley.

Highly Recommended:

Chamonix Weather - Check Before
Heading Off-Piste

As you’ll have heard, this world class resort is amazingly popular as it’s so very well located and easily accessible from Geneva. This means there’re queues (even at non-peak times) and just about everything’s booked out early.

Must know tips to maximize your ski vacation:

Tips for your ski holiday in Chamonix
Tips for your ski holidays in chamonix
Chamonix France has 5 extensive regions

Chamonix Weather
And The Vallee Blanche

If you're here for just a week, we’d recommend you plan your Cham ski vacation and decide where you're skiing and book transport as soon as you arrive in town.

Skiing the Valle Blanche is WILD! It’s ungroomed and you’re literally skiing on natural terrain complete with Forests of Ice Towers, amongst rock and rubble – the moraine on the glacier and across snow platforms bridging over crevasses. We’d definitely recommend a ski guide, unless you’re very experienced in such terrain.

While this sounds scary, there are routes down the glacier which are graded easy, medium and difficult. Your guide will know the routes and the variants so that you enjoy an experience that’s fits your party’s skiing ability. The VB is a MUST for the whole Chamonix experience.

This resort site, has an excellent page on
• The status of lifts and cable cars
• Snow Depth
• Avalanche Warnings

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