Walk The Chamonix Zermatt
Haute Route

Walk the Chamonix Zermatt Haute Route. Five star rated guide book.

Chamonix Zermatt: The Walker's Haute Route (Mountain Walking)

Walk The Chamonix Zermatt Haute Route

  • A quality Cicerone guide book by Kev Reynolds

  • Five star rated guide book on the 2 week, 100 mile walk from Chamonix to Zermatt across 11 passes, ascent of 39,000 vertical feet and descent of 36,000 vertical feet.

  • You won't require another book or map although I think another topographical map would be handy.

  • While the writer is dismissive about short cuts walkers take, don't worry - many do take cable car lifts and buses.
  • This book is the real thing with detailed descriptions of junctions, routes, huts, cols, crevasses, but mind, the author is an experienced outdoorsman and while he may take 6 hours to make a day's journey, for most of us, this could be 9 hours.

  • An excellent book to help you plan your trip and a slim size to easily store in the pack.

  • Consistent 5 star rave reviews.

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