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Is The Skiing Close By?


Staying at Club Med Chamonix at Chamonix Mont Blanc. Is it easy to ski from here ? Are the slopes tough to here?

Michael Frankland, UK


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As you may know, Club Med is located in the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc, but the resort is an enormous area of 5 separate regions within the Chamonix Valley.

Yes, Club Med is located right next to the Savoy drag lift or poma which is the closest lift to the center.  There are some nursery pistes around town, but virtually all skiing is at the vast groomed mountain areas in the resort.

This page on Chamonix Lifts in Town has a section about " La Savoy" towards the middle of the page. Just click on the reference to the left.

Where is Club Med Chamonix?

To see where Club Med is located, have a look this map of the town orientation.

See the top right hand corner of the map - there's a road with a 90 degree kink next to "Poma La Savoy".  Club Med is at that very corner.  Look at the photo and see the curve in the road in front - that's the same sharp right hand bank in the road as on the map. It virtually backs onto the lift on the right hand side of the building.

Photos of Club Med Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Chamonix
This photo of Club Med Chamonix Mont-Blanc is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Chamonix Mont Blanc, Town Center. Club Med Chamonix is located a few minutes walk from the center.

Club Med Chamonix is well located being a block and a bit from the center and if you want more challenging pistes, like everyone else, you will have to get the bus to any of the other ski regions.  As you will have read on our site, the resort really is massive, so commuting is unavoidable.

Chamonix Town Center at Place Balmat

Town Center

Chamonix Ski Buses

Ski Bus

Chamonix France, a typical trompiel or 3 D painting on a building at the main square

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What's The Skiing Like At Chamonix's Club Med?

You ask "is it easy to ski from here ? Are the slopes tough to here ?"

The La Savoy lift is a short drag lift for beginners on a lovely shallow gradient
slope. It is ideal for beginners and you'll see heaps of skiers just having

All you have to do is walk out the side door of Club Med and you've arrived at the lift.

The Ski Resort Chamonix is about skiing high and sleeping low.

High Altitude Skiing
Low Altitude Living

The La Savoy, however, is not connected to the rest of the ski regions.  You see, Chamonix's extensive pistes are located at very high altitudes and cable car access is required.

You can read more about "High Altitude Skiing,
Low Altitude sleeping"  by clicking the reference to the left. 

At town level, it's just the nursery slopes at Chamonix Mont Blanc.

This relative isolation from the "advanced" pistes is good for beginners as they won't be bothered by fast out-of-control skiers hooning down to the bottom.

To answer your questions:

"Is it easy to ski from here?" - Yes, the La Savoy is right next to Club Med

"Are the slopes tough to here ?"  There are no tough slopes at the town
level. To get to the challenging slopes, you have to catch the bus or train
to get to the cable car terminals
to head up the Alps.

I hope this helps, Michael. You will have the most fantastic vacation.
The resort is lovely in every way, not just the skiing, but Chamonix Mont Blanc really is a beautiful town as well, and loads to do on non-ski days.

Happy New Year!

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