Sun Blessed Flegere
Chamonix Ski Resort

Flegere, together with Brevent is part of the expansive ski region on the northern side of the Chamonix resort.  You'll love the wide, open, sun blessed south facing slopes!

Getting There

You can’t traverse across from Brevent to Flagere, but catch a link lift – it's a horizontal cable car. This Liaison cable car crosses the valley separating the slopes and this region,  Brevent/Flagere is large and ideal for intermediate skiers.

You can also get to Flagere from the village of Les Praz. There’s a cable car from the village directly to the Index Chair, which is where the main skiing happens.

What’s it like?

As you exit the Liaison cable car, head down a little to get the Evettes lift, at the top of which you'll see the Index Chair just a short distance away. This area is the principal groomed terrain in Flagere.

From the top of the Index Chair you'll see the groomed terrain with long, excellent red, blue and black runs down that start at the top of Index. It’s terrific groomed slopes here.

The chair lifts are fine, the best thing, we find about chair lifts is you don’t have to take your skis off.

The slopes here are well groomed. The guys driving the piste bullies at night do a great job getting the pistes ready and from town, you'll see the lights of the machines operating throughout the night. At the time we were there, the lower sections had crusted over and skiing was on very hard packed snow. So we went to higher areas to access better quality snow.

There’s lots of variety for intermediates in this vast region in Cham. It’s suitable for beginners making the next step as there are decent blue runs adjacent to the reasonably extensive green run area.

There are long red and black pistes in Flagere as well, so for a group vacationing together, Flagere will fit the needs of a group at different stages of their skiing abilities.

Flegere: Overall Impression

Our overall impression of the twined areas of Brevent-Flegere is that advanced skiers will want to search for more variety elsewhere. On the plus side, you do get to experience long wide sunny pistes. And the views are great – looking down on the valley.

For those on family holidays and intermediates, Brevent-Flagere is ideal. The individual areas are a bit limited, but put together, there’s plenty of wonderful slopes to explore. This area is perfect for beginners making the progression to intermediate.

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