Find A Flight To Chamonix
4 closest airports

To find a flight to Chamonix, select any of these airports as the destination:

  • Geneva

  • Grenoble

  • Lyon

  • Chambrey

    These airports are within under two hours drive from Chamonix.

For your Flight To Chamonix you'll need to know the 4 closest airportsThis Google Map shows the location of the 4 airports closest to Cham.

Find  A Flight To Chamonix

For flight destinations to the resort, select any of these four airports which are within one to two hours by road to the ski resort. These are serviced by the major airlines. 

The first preference is to get a flight directly to Geneva, this being an international airport, it is the best serviced of the four closest to Chamonix and just an hour from the resort. 

Geneva is my preferred flight entry point as it caters as well to low cost/ discounted carriers.


Take care though on exiting, as it is located on the border of France and Switzerland. If you're hiring a car and driving it's better to exit via the Swiss side as you'll get straight onto the Autoroute or Motorway. On the French side, it's the long way around to Cham through regional roads.

Lyon, Grenoble and Chambrey are regional airports and you may find a flight to these destinations to be perhaps not as frequent or via an indirect route.

How to Get From the Airports To Chamonix


The quickest way to get to Chamonix is to arrive at Geneva Airport and have pre-arranged transfer by shuttle or private car, pick you up from your flight.  It takes just over an hour on the Autoroute Blanche and is much faster than going by bus or train.

Alternative transport

The other ways of getting here are by train, car or bus.  The system of regional railways in France, however, does mean there is no direct line to Chamonix and train changes are unavoidable. You have to get to a specific train station at Geneva then endure two changes while lugging all that gear. Read more about why you shouldn't get the train from Geneva to Chamonix

I would not recommend getting to Cham by train either from London or Paris, if time is at a premium or if you're having to manage luggage and ski gear.

If you're arriving by car, consider car parking arrangements and its cost. Make enquiries with your host as public parking is limited and availability not guaranteed.

Arriving into the other regional airports

If your flight arrives into Lyon, Grenoble or Chambrey, the best and fastest way is to pre-book a shuttle. The alternative is to get the long-distance buses to Chamonix.

Getting There:

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