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The efficient way of traveling from Geneva to Chamonix is by road as it takes an hour and fifteen minutes whereas the train journey, takes 3 hours and requires at least two changes. 

If you're arriving by car, be certain to ensure there are car rental outlets located in town before considering returning it here. Car rental companies at the resort are few and far between. Don't get stuck with a one way delivery fee.

Transfers By Shuttle Bus

shuttle bus for transfers from Geneva to Chamonix
Chamonix Mont Blanc Trompeil at Place Balmat

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We found this to be the most efficient way to travel from Geneva Airport.

Transport by Shuttle Bus means you needn’t worry about changing trains, returning/ dropping off the rental car nor worrying about parking and best of all, it's a door-to-door service.

From Geneva Airport it takes just over an hour and a quarter; and the price is reasonable.

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Return Transfer Cham To Geneva

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The Scenic Route From Geneva To Chamonix

You can get from Geneva, located on the border of Switzerland and France, to the resort via the scenic route following the shores of Lake Geneva stopping by the lovely townships along the lake.

The northern shores of Lake Geneva around Montreux are spectacularly gorgeous, so much so, it's called the Riviera of Switzerland, and the scenery on the drive up the Alps from Montreux and Martigny is awesome.

This journey is a delight and if you have the time, it's highly recommended.

The rail also goes along this route. Head for Martigny via Montreaux, then change at Martigny for Vallorcine where you  hop onto the French rail system.

The hamlets along the route are a delight to view as the route wends its way over the Alps. The views from the shorter motorway route though, are somewhat industrial.

To Geneva

thumbnail map showing the closest airports for the flight to Chamonix

Closest Airports
Flight To Chamonix

Train Chamonix - the Mont Blanc Express


Geneva To Chamonix via The Motorway

The highway is swift, efficient and clearly marked. This is the way to go and you'll be there in under an hour.


The difficulty with having a car, is where does one park it?

There’s Long Term and Short Term parking stations and while the resort boasts being able to accommodate 3,800 cars, the ease of getting a car space depends entirely on availability. There are 720 under-cover car spaces. It costs e50+ for a week's parking.

As you can imagine, on weekends, it's diabolical finding a legal parking spot either on the street or in the dedicated parking stations. This world class resort is within commuting distance from Geneva and Northern Italy and it's full of weekend skiers.

The best option would be parking attached to your apartment or hotel. There are numbers of apartments with dedicated parking spaces in the building.

Flights To

Getting To

Geneve To
Cham By Train

Car Rental Drop Off

If you’re traveling by hire car and intend to drop it off on arrival at the resort, it’d be best to select a car rental company that has an outlet here. We found that a number of advertized Chamonix car rental companies in fact, operate in regional cities close to but not at Cham.  We found Europcar to be the only car rental company with an office presence in town.

Because car rental outlets in town are practically non existant, you will need to consider spending a day commuting to return it to the closest large town, either Montreux or Geneva.

You will find the Europcar Car Rental office directly opposite the Main Railway Station. It’s only a small office with a limited number of cars. You get good personal service, but it’s open only during normal office hours and not at all on a Sunday.

Geneva To Chamonix By Train

Getting  to Cham by train is incredibly inefficient due to the inevitable changes of trains.

To get to the right train line, you'll need to get to the station at Genève-Eaux-Vives, to access the train to St Germain/La Fayet, via a change at Roche-sur-Foron or Annemasse. 

The  local TER service, The Mont Blanc Express that plys the Valley goes between St Germain and Vallorcine at the Swiss border.  The bother is the hassling around to get to the right train

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is serviced only by a local train, hence there is no direct rail service.

The Autoroute Blanche is the Way To Go!

The fastest way from Geneva to Chamonix is the Autoroute Blanche for the hour and a bit's drive to the resort.  it's worth the effort to access a premium world class ski experience, what more the opportunity to ski France, Italy and Switzerland all on the one pass.

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