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Jindabyne is a key township and if you're here to ski Australia, you'll come past and more than likely stay here.  Many skiers and resort workers are based in this town located below the mountain because the cost of accommodation is far less costly.

The township has modern facilities with all modern facilities including large shopping centers with a good selection of retail stores, cinema, library, restaurants, bakeries, a variety of bistros, casual eateries, pubs, bars, supermarket, bowling club as well as excellent gym facilities operated by Manuela Bercholt, a three time Olympian. 

The population swells in winter with not just seasonal workers taking long term leases on apartments but also many families whose children are involved in winter sports clubs run by the ski resorts. There is a variety of accommodation ranging from hotels, caravan parks, cabins, apartments, lodges as well as well appointed homes.

Where to Stay?

Cabins at the Discovery Holiday Park, Jindabyne

Discovery Holiday Park

Caravan parks in Australia commonly have self contained heated cabins with their own kitchenette and en-suite bathroom and WC.  This Jindabyne Caravan Park is no different with small but comfortable and clean cabins and these days electricity is provided. In the old days, electricity was provided via coin-operated switch boxes! Parking is available right outside your allotted cabin.

The park is right next to the lake, and it makes for a pleasant walk by the lake side if you have time after a  big ski day.

Getting to town takes about 5 to 10 minutes by car.

The cabins are perfectly fine as budget accommodation and I'd recommend them.

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Horizons Self Contained Apartments, Jindabyne

Horizons Self Contained Apartments

While these are apartments with well equipped kitchenettes, Horizons offers accommodation packages including breakfast and dinners. The meals here are hearty, tasty, good variety and while not in the territory of gourmet meals, the meals do not disappoint.

The apartments while now a little dated are comfortable, clean and fairly spacious, many have a decent sized balcony overlooking the lake.

There's a swimming pool and tennis court as well. Being located next to the lake, if you do have time, it is pleasant to walk along the lake's edge.

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A typical apartment at Kirwan, Jindabyne

Kirwan Apartments

There are vast developments of apartment blocks, with some like the Kirwan known to be popular with seasonal workers. While each apartment at the Kirwan has an allocated car space, invariably this is not respected and there is the daily annoyance of having to deal with someone else's vehicle in your spot. While the Kirwan is budget priced, having to deal with these sort of petty community issues is just part of the cost of low cost accommodation. 

That being said, the Kirwan apartments are located conveniently close to the main exit on the road out to Thredbo, Perisher and Bullocks Flat Ski Tube Terminal.  The traffic in the morning is unbelievably busy and often at a standstill through the middle of town. Kirwan's location means you avoid the worst of the traffic snarls.

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Getting To the Ski Resorts

The two ski resorts Jindabyne services are:

Jindabyne to Perisher

Perisher can be accessed either by car or by ski tube.  The ski tube is a train from Bullock's Flat, about 15 minutes drive from Jindabyne town. Many skiers will choose this option so to avoid the costly National Parks entry fee and to avoid the hassle of putting on snow chains. While it may take a little longer by train, it is far more convenient.

If you're driving to Perisher Blue, be sure to arrive early to secure a car space. The public car park is strictly on a first in basis and it is not unusual for cars to be parked well down the road from the resort entry.

Getting To Thredbo

You will need a car to get to Thredbo.  Try to get there early as parking is limited. Thredbo operates an efficient and regular free bus service between the various car parks and the two major lift areas at Friday Flat and the main lifts in the village.

Nonetheless be sure to pack cat tracks for your boots as you may have to walk a fair way to get from the car to the bus.

Why stay at Jindabyne?

Loads of visitors stay here because everything is so much cheaper off the mountain, from the cost of food, use of a swimming pool, gym, the physiotherapist, restaurant meals, a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, clothing, beer, let alone the price of a bed.

The town's setting is picturesque, sited next to the lake, which is a river now dammed for the Snowy Hydro Electricity Power Scheme. The Snowy River was a major infrastructure project started just after WWII and it helped resettle thousands of Europeans after the war. Most of the local people are migrants or descendants from that original workforce.

In fact, it was those same Europeans who saw the potential of the Snowy Mountains and developed the thriving ski resorts building Thredbo, Perisher, drilled under the mountain to create the ski tube tunnel and Jindabyne prospered as a result.

Lake side activities in summer include boating, fishing, and water skiing, as well as hiking and cycling.

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