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Our visit to LHC CERN was the highlight of our winter vacation at Chamonix.  It was simply amazing to be here, at the forefront of man's knowledge and experiments on our beginnings.

Visiting The Large Collider (LHC):

From Chamonix

It’s only an hour’s drive from Chamonix Mont Blanc to the town of Meyrin. CERN Switzerland is only a few minutes on the French side of Meyrin. It’s an easy drive on the autoroute in the direction of Geneva.

On receipt of the email confirming your tour booking, you’ll receive instructions on how to get to the reception area. Be sure to take this with you, as there are many buildings and gates; the clear directions will get to directly to the car park at reception.

We hired a car from Europcar, close to the railway station at the main town. Europcar is in a small office directly opposite the main railway station at Cham. It’s staffed by just one person and only open during office hours, so if you want to leave earlier than 9am you may need to pick up the vehicle the night before.

It’d be best to request a tour that starts no earlier than 10.30am. This later start will give you adequate time to collect the car as well as driving time.

Large Hadron Collider :

Fundamental Science

The LHC recreates conditions immediately after the Big Bang. The scientists  aim to fill in missing knowledge and try to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Fundamental Science, which is what’s conducted in the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, is where new ideas and methods are developed which later become accepted in daily life. No amount of experiments on the candle would’ve brought us electricity. No amount of experiments on the telephone would’ve created the world wide web.

More About LHC CERN

The Exhibition Building

We found this excellent video “Destination Universe” that tells visitors about the amazing experiments at CERN and the LHC.

Find Out More:

Find out how to get to the LHC by public transport.

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