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Your Ski Chamonix Author is a family of enthusiastic skiers who've skied at ski resorts all over the world.  We decided to do a write up on Chamonix mainly because of information that was clearly lacking when we did our research in planning a vacation to Chamonix.

What we decided to do is to tell skiers about Chamonix from the perspective of a vacationer, not as a local business, not as a ski guide nor from a point of view that is conflicted.  Because we're independent, we tell it like it is.

...and Chamonix is beautiful, BUT not perfect.

Ski Chamonix

Author Has Been Skiing Globally For Over 30 Years

We have been skiing for a very long time and our children have joined us on our family ski holidays from birth. These kids of ours have skied every year of their lives from the age of three, and are as easy with skiing as they are with any other sport. Our son is now at University… so you can work out we really have been skiing a very long time as a family.

We live in Sydney, Australia and decamp to the Snowy Mountains for the winter season. The schools’ have been great with accommodating the kids with this sport as they’re elite athletes and train seriously. Our daughter specializes in moguls and that means all year training in jumps, gymnastics and acrobatics and is also a biathlete.

Here's a video of her summer training. Winter sports for elite athletes is a year round commitment - see how a special steep wooden ramp has been constructed for the skiers. The athletes climb up and down those stairs all day to ski down the ramp on their oldest nastiest skis in an effort to perfect tricks. Its wonderful to see their dedication.

Summer Jumps Training For Mogul Skiers

Summer Jumps Training For Mogul Skiers

..and in our long summer holidays, we all head off to ski in the Northern Hemisphere.

Yes, we all do a lot of skiing and spend what seems an inordinate amount of the year with skis strapped to our boots; that’s why we have heaps of experience in planning and executing family skiing holidays.

Ski Chamonix Author

Been There! Done That!

I've planned so many winter vacations that I have it down pat. I know the number one criteria for the best vacation, is the location of the property.  We spend so much money and have so little time away that we just don't want to waste a second commuting or moaning about the accommodation, the location, the food, or the activities.

Ski Chamonix

Author Uses SBI

I created this site from a platform I stumbled upon on returning from Chamonix. I liked that Solo Build It's philosophy aligned with my own which in short is C T P M, an acronym for Content > Traffic > Presell > Monetize. This means give great content firstly and then visitors will come and only when they do, will monetizing be relevant. This is exactly the same in off-line business and it made so much sense.

We've skied all the runs, visited the apres ski activities and been to the locations we talk about in this site. Chamonix is expensive and it is worth the effort. 

We hope you enjoy your vacation there too!

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