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Plan A Little To Maximize Fun Time

Trompeil when you ski Chamonix FranceTrompeil at Rue Docteur Paccard, Chamonix France

You're there to ski Chamonix France, and frankly the last thing you want to say is  "If only I knew, I would've done something different."

Be prepared and plan around:


The Chamonix Ski Resort is MASSIVE and that means commuting by train or bus between the ski regions is inevitable. Transport is free but it's worth checking that your accommodation is located close to a bus or train stop

2. Chamonix is not beautiful everywhere

Just like any village, any city, any resort, there are lovely areas and there are precincts that are so-so. If the ambience and atmosphere of your accommodation is important, read about Chamonix Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Town Centre.

Chamonix really is a beautiful place for beautiful people but only in certain locations.

3. Are Lifts Advertised Where You'd Choose to Ski?

Read up on lifts so that you know the lift advertised close to your short listed accommodation is where you want to ski.

Chamonix is a commune of little villages along the valley floor and there are numerous lifts - they may be local lifts to service the nursery slopes for the village, cable car terminals for skiers or it may be the Aiguille du Midi which is a cable car but it is does not go to groomed pistes.

Read an Orientation of Chamonix France for the location of the villages and their nearby ski regions.

Orientation map for when you ski Chamonix France

4. Unavoidable Train Changes

I would not recommend getting to ski Chamonix France by train.

The train that plys the Chamonix Ski Resort is a local service run by the regional transport authority. As a result, there is no direct train from Chamonix into Switzerland nor is there a direct service to Geneva.

To get anywhere from France and even just from Geneva to Chamonix by train is a complex choreography of train changing but the objective is to get to St Gervais/La Fayet where the main TGV line ends. It's here that you hop onto the local Mont Blanc Express that services the Chamonix Valley.

Likewise, to get to Switzerland, trains must be changed at the border.

When you ski Chamonix France you'll get this local train

5. Expensive

Well, every ski resort is expensive!

To have a great vacation, plan ahead a little so you're aware and don't waste money and time

  • on taxi fares when there's free public transport
  • when you can take the night bus. Just watch the times and schedules
  • book the free bus to Courmayeur for a couple of days ahead as soon as you arrive as it fills very quickly
  • check out if the bus to Verbier is operating as it'll be cheaper than hiring a car
  • don't park your car here unless you've arranged private parking - it costs!
  • read up on car rental so you don't incur expensive delivery charges. Hiring in Switzerland and returning in France is particularly a killer.
  • figure out getting around the ski resort so you're not commuting excessively. Know where your accommodation is located relative to where the ski school lessons take place and where you'd like to ski

Would I still ski Chamonix France despite the inconveniences?


We consider this to be the best value for skiing in France!

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