For a comprehensive travel and
ski europe experience

Mer de Glace, the end of the off-piste Vallee Blanche adventure

The Chamonix Ski Resort is just perfectly located for the whole “Travel and Ski Europe” experience.

From a traveler’s perspective, the Ski Resort is perfect as a base from which to do day trips for both skiing and sightseeing.

The Ski Europe Experience:

The ski resort has cleverly partnered with resorts in Italy and Switzerland, so at no extra cost, skiers can experience world class skiing in three countries.

We consider the best aspect of skiing in Europe, at Cham is the access to resorts in Italy and Switzerland, on the one pass.

Skier mid jump

Just 20 Min Away

savoie lodges at Verbier Switzerland


Ski Europe: Courmayeur

Additionally, you get access to Courmayeur Italy. The Italian resort is excellent and we regarded this as the very best skiing. When the conditions are poor at Cham, just hop on the ski bus and go to Courmayeur.

The partnered Italian ski resort is just on the other side of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe. Traveling through the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, takes all of 20 minutes by bus from Cham to Courmayeur. It is incredibly convenient to get there on the Ski Bus, but this is only for those skiers on the Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass. The co-ticketing system means you only have to validate your pass once, on your first visit to this Italian Resort.

The town of Courmayeur is just lovely. It’s retained its olde-world charm with lovely medieval shop buildings, cobbled streets, charming churches and the shopping here is high quality.

Ski Europe: Verbier

As for Verbier Switzerland…you’ll know this as the swanky elite ski resort favoured by the British Royals. Fergie, Prince Andrew and the girls are often photographed at Verbier. These poor guys, they can’t even have a decent private holiday, without the paparazzi following them around.

Verbier is about an hour and a half’s drive away, but allow 2 hours so as to find parking. There’s a free village bus in Verbier to take you to the cable car station. Verbier town is built on the side of a mountain, so it’s uphill walking for a lot of the time – make good use of the buses. Skiers predominantly patronize the buses to access the ski areas located in various parts of the town.

Chamonix Ski Pass - the best value skiing in France

Best Value Pass

Ski Les Houches, The Kandahar at the world cup

Les Houches

The Les Grands Montets Cable Car

Les Grands

The Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass entitles you to a free Verbier pass that covers the entire 4 valleys. Truly, this is the best value skiing in France. It’s best to check on  snow conditions before you visit Verbier, as it’s a long drive to get here and you don’t want to waste your day.

The local bus company runs buses to Verbier on a Thursday during the peak season, but this is conditional on a minimum number of passengers.

The drive through the little Swiss villages and farmlands in this Haute Savoie region is delightful.

Verbier's an easy drive and the facilities here are modern and efficient.

... as well as experience the world class steep deeps at Les Grands Montets and the unique off-piste Vallee Blanche adventure, found only at the Chamonix Ski Resort.

Ski Europe and Travel too: Switzerland

Chamonix and
Mont Blanc Tours

Montreux and
Christmas Markets

Montreux - Chillon CastleMontreux - Chillon Castle

Even if you’re not a skier or just taking a break from skiing, there’s just so much to do on your Chamonix holidays. The following towns are located within an hour and half away.

Montreux Switzerland

Cham is located just an hour and a half’s drive to Montreux Switzerland.

Montreux is the Riviera of Switzerland. It’s a luxury, elite holiday destination for the wealthy. Montreux , situated on the eastern end of Lac Geneva is just beautiful. The backdrop of the chain of the Alps overlooking the clear still lake makes for a stunning location.

The Exhibition Center, CERN, SwitzerlandCERN Switzerland

CERN, Switzerland

CERN Switzerland, the leading scientific research facility in Europe is located an hour’s drive from the resort. It’s very close to Geneva. It was fascinating to visit the LHC CERN where physicists conduct experiments to discover new sub-atomic particles and re-recreate the Big Bang. The start of the plot in Dan Brown’s Book, “Angels and Demons“ was based here.

Free tours conducted by PhD students and retired physicists are booked out quickly, so be sure to book early to secure a visit.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, the financial center of Europe needs no introduction. It takes an hour on the train to get to this financial capital and former home to the United Nations. The city is located on the lake and of course, you ‘ll see the famous spout (fountain) on the lake.

The large hadron collider near Geneva

Large Hadron

Annecy France Market Day

Market Day

View of Montreux Switzerland across to Lake Geneva

Montreux On
Lake Geneva

Ski Europe & Travel: Little Venice

Annecy waterways. The Little Venice of FranceAnnecy, France

Annecy, France

This lovely medieval town, Annecy France, is known as “The Little Venice of France”. The town is built along canals next to Lake Annecy. It’s best to visit on market day when produce stalls are set up along the cobbled winding medieval streets of the old city.

Annecy is impossibly charming. The produce is fresh and artisans sell hand-crafted delicacies such as nougat, chocolate, cheeses and sausages.

It only takes about an hour and a half on the train, so it makes for an easy day’s excursion to explore yet another beautiful part of Europe.  Click here to find out more about the bus and train services from Chamonix to Annecy.

I found this terrific travel guide to Fance and Europe There's lots of information about France and French life, from About-France.com

Ski Europe : Chamonix
World Class!

ski europe - cable car

The Chamonix ski resort, is world class stuff. There are 5 separate regions and... there’s the legendary off-piste, Valle Blanche. Each of these regions are enormous.

Les Houches with it’s World Cup Piste, Kandahar
Brevent, the most conveniently located  skiing region, accessed from the middle of Chamonix Mont Blanc
Flagere, another easily accessed skiing region with a lateral lift from Brevent
Domaine de Balme, just the best sunny bowl. It’s sheltered, wide and sun-blessed and ideal for family skiing holidays
Les Grands Montets for really exhausting, steep, long, black runs
• The off-piste Vallee Blanche  is the most iconic run in the world at 17 km – it is a MUST!

ski europe, ski the vallee blanche

Travel and Ski Europe:

We enjoyed all these activities during our Chamonix holidays. We all thought this resort perfect as we got to have the whole travel and ski Europe experience, in three countries while based in the one place.

There's nothing quite like this comprehensive experience of Europe whilst based in the one location.

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