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Chamonix Co-Tickets With Courmayeur And Verbier

Ski France Chamonix Courmayeur and Verbier on the one ticket. This is an Unlimited Ski Pass

Ski France
Chamonix gives excellent value as you get to explore three massive resorts on the one ticket.

There are two Chamonix ski passes. The one which is more expensive, the Unlimited Mont Blanc Pass, is the one that gives skiers access to not just the whole of Chamonix France but also FREE access to the Italian resort just across the border at Courmayeur and to the Swiss ski playground favoured by European Royalty, Verbier.

Courmayeur Italy is only 20 minutes from Chamonix
verbier is under 2 hours drive away from Chamonix

Courmayeur Italy

The skiing across the Alps is totally brilliant. It's so very popular that you have to book the free bus a few days before hand. The excursion bus is always packed even when it is not peak times.

You can hire a private ski instructor and they'll drive you across the border in their private car.

The alternative is to get the free excursion bus that leaves from the main train station. You have to book your place a couple of days beforehand.

The journey takes only 20 minutes exiting France via the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the bus takes you directly to the Courmayeur cable car terminal.

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Getting There:

The free Chamonix Ski Bus
Car Rental At Chamonix

Verbier Switzerland

Cham also co-tickets with Verbier. This is an expansive ski resort with 4 valleys interconnected. It is enormous; far too large to explore it all in one day.

This is not such a popular journey, likely because it takes under a couple of hours from France across the Alps. 

The Bus Company does have a weekly excursion bus but operation is dependent on the number of people traveling. Be sure to enquire early on arrival at Cham.

Read more on the playground of the Royalty in Verbier Switzerland.  The local buses here seem to be packed with nannies and their charges.

The co-ticketing is efficient in Italy but less so here. The ticket office there seemed to be at a loss when we presented our Chamonix Tickets, but this was easily sorted out by the ticketing supervisor.

Ski France
Chamonix is the place to vacation if you're looking for a large variety of terrain, with excellent steep pistes. On top of the terrific groomed terrain in Chamonix France, you get to explore the Italian and Swiss Alps as well. 

How's that for value!

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