Don't Waste Time
If You have ONly A Week
Skiing In Chamonix

If you only have a week’s vacation skiing in Chamonix, you’ll need to plan ahead to be sure you get to experience the best skiing on offer at Chamonix.

Chamonix is a beautiful place for the beautiful people and there are lots and lots of us. The best activities are popular and will require early booking.

For expert skiers, these are the "Chamonix Must Do’s”:
Les Grands Montets
Vallee Blanche Chamonix
Courmayeur Italy
• La Verte Kandahar when you ski Les Houches

These ski areas are only accessible with the Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass and it’s worth the extra cost. When you've travelled thousands of Kms and spent a heap to for a short time in Europe, you'll want to maximize your skiing experience. Chamonix's Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass provides skiers with access to not just the best and most challenging runs in Chamonix France, but also Courmayeur Italy and Verbier Switzerland.

The skiing is so excellent that buses and guides are booked out early. So, we recommend these as the first things to do before you head off skiing in Chamonix.

1. Buy your Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass.

This is a proximity pass, which you needn’t take out of your pocket. You just need to get within 6 inches of each sensor.

The pass is obtained from the ticket office at the Montenvers Train Station. At Chamonix’s main train station, you’ll see on the left hand side, stairs going over the train tracks, direction Montenvers. Go up these stairs and you’ll find the ticket office here, which issues the Unlimited Ski Pass. Click on this link for the Orientation Drawing of the Town Chamonix Mont Blanc. It shows the Main Train Station in the south part of town.

If you'd like to read the pro's and con's of the two ski passes, please go to the page: Skiing in France: Chamonix Best Value Ski Pass. Best value depends entirely on where you'd like to explore while skiing in Chamonix, Courmayeur or Verbier.

2. Weather Forecast

Check Chamonix weather and forecast for the week and select a fine day to ski the Vallee Blanche.

Chamonix Weather:

  • Two weather report bulletins are displayed daily outside the Tourist Office and the Maison de la Montagne.
  • 5 day weather forecast
  • Snow and Avalanche Reports:
    +33 (0) 8 92 68 10 20 - answering machine

Skiing in Chamonix would not be complete without an adventure skiing the Vallee Blanche Chamonix. It’s the most famous off-piste run in the world, with a descent of 2800m and 22km long.

3. Vallee Blanche ski guide

We definitely recommend skiing with a guide. Skiing the Valle Blanche is skiing on a glacier, the Mer de Glace which is not a smooth, gentle glacier – it’s cracked, littered with deep crevasses and ice towers but nonetheless, there are routes which are suitable for red, blue or black ability skiers.

The Englishmen who discovered the glacier named it “Mer de Glace” because it was like a sea. The terrain of the glacier is like a series of waves and as it descends the mountain, there are enormous cracks in the ice – these are the very deep crevasses.

Vallee Blanche Chamonix - The Guide Has All The Safety Gear

You’ll then need to book your crampons. These make it easier climbing down the slope from the top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car, to the start of the Vallee Blanche run.

Don’t worry about hiring ropes and shackles as your ski guide will have them.

It's Not Just About Skiing In Chamonix

4. Courmayeur - Transport

We found the absolutely best skiing to be at Courmayeur Italy. It is really fantastic skiing.

The trouble is…everyone else thinks the same. The buses are booked out quickly and especially, if conditions in Chamonix are mediocre.

Select the day you'd like to ski Courmayeur and book your bus transport at least 2 days in advance.

The booking office for the bus is at the main train station in Chamonix. You’ll find a little booth outside the station building on the right hand side.

The bus is free for skiers with a valid Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass. For others, you pay at the booth. It costs about e24.

5. Verbier Transport

Book the bus transport or car hire as soon as you arrive, if you wish to ski Verbier Switzerland.

Chamonix Ski Bus Company arranges bus transport to Verbier. You also make your bookings at the booth at the Train Station. It departs only on a Thursday during the peak season and there needs to be a minimum number of passengers. Here’s the link for bus excursions to Verbier.

We found it easier to book a hire car. The Europcar car rental office is located opposite the train station. It’s only a small office with a limited number of cars, so it’s best to book your car soonest.

6. Have fun!

Now that you’re organized, there’s no more to plan other than have fun skiing in Chamonix.

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