Men's Taiga Chamonix Allseason Weatherproof Jacket
Made IN Canada

Men's Taiga Chamonix AllSeason Waterproof Jacket, made in Canada

Colors available for the Mens Taiga Chamonix Allseason Waterproof Jacket

Taiga Chamonix AllSeason Waterproof Jacket, Men's. Made in Canada

About The Men's Taiga Chamonix Allseason Waterproof Jacket

  • This Taiga waterproof jacket is made in Canada

  • It is a dry shell jacket made from waterproof breathable material

  • For cold weather there is a built-in zip provision to accommodate the Taiga Polartec-300 Sport Fleece Jacket and also the Taiga Polartec-300 Fleece Jacket

  • It has removable fleece pocket liners to keep your hands warm in chilly weather, easily removed for warmer seasons

  • Four zippered pockets

  • Two way front zip with double storm flaps

  • Chin guard

  • Hood that hides away

  • Adjustable waist and hem drawstrings for snug weatherproofing

  • Reviewer has given this a five star rating " This is one of the most expensive raincoats available. It will probably outlast any lesser raincoat by many years. There is tremendous attention to details. A snapped flap can be secured over the zipper. There is a high collar with the hood attached two inches below. If you raise the hood, this means that you won't get any rain down your neck. Velcro allows you to adjust the ends of the sleeves to fit as snugly as desired. The fabric feels rugged and sturdy, such that it can hold up under much abuse.

    In windy conditions, it makes an excellent windbreaker. It is ideal for cold conditions, in warm weather you can get a bit too warm if you have too many layers underneath."

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