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train chamonix mont blanc expressThis is the local train Chamonix Valley and regional authorities run the Mont Blanc Express which plys only the valley

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We've just read in page one to get the train Chamonix from Geneva takes some effort to get onto the correct lines.  You see, Chamonix Mont Blanc is serviced by a local train and that's why all these train changes are necessary.

The changes in trains is unavoidable as the rail system in the valley is run by Transport Express Regional (TER), a regional organization. The train to Chamonix Mont Blanc (the main town in the resort) and to the little hamlets and villages is on this separate rail system and the connection to the main TGV lines occur at St Gervais/La Fayet.

The journey up to the resort, from the Swiss side is fairly attractive, so sit back and enjoy the mountain views.

This is the le Gare at Chamonix Mont Blanc. It's about 10 to 15 minutes walk from the main center.  

Le Gare Chamonix Mont Blanc. Train Chamonix Station

The orientation map will help you get your bearings.

Orientation map of Chamonix Mont Blanc

Geneva then Train
Chamonix Mont Blanc

The key to getting to Cham by train is getting firstly to the station of St Gervais/La Fayet on the TGV French Train system to then change onto the smaller regional service (TER) to Chamonix.

These are the major lines from Paris for the TGV or fast train with services to St Germain/La Fayet:

The main TGV lines (fast train) from Paris :

  • Paris - Annecy
  • Paris - Lyon
  • Paris - Bellegarde
  • Paris - Chambéry - Aix Les Bains

From London to Cham

It's just hugely inconvenient by train and these days cheaper to fly on the budget airlines, but if you must travel by train, do NOT take the Eurostar Snowtrain as the closest stop then is at Moutiers which is nearly 3 hours away from the ski resort.

You're better off getting the Eurostar to Paris then making the connections as instructed above. As you know, Eurostar offers discounts for the under 25 and pensioners.

Train Chamonix? Is this the best way to get here?

The best way of getting from to the resort is by road. There's the fast way and the scenic route, both of which have their respective advantages. Fortunately there are alternatives to getting from Geneva to Cham by train.

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