Vallee Blanche Chamonix
Bucket List Adventure

Skiing the Vallee Blanche is a must for advanced skiers. This off-piste route on the Mer de Glace Glacier starts from the top of the Aiguille du Midi, descending over 2000m for 17 kilometers to Montenvers at the ice caves.

This gallery of photos is a mere snapshot of the amazing sights you'll experience on the Valle Blanche.  Click on each image to see the larger photo with a detailed description.

Here's the Vallee Blanche Route

Vallee Blanche - starting point
Skiers on an easy section of the Vallee Blanche

Start at the Aiguille du Midi - once you descend from the top at 3400m, there is no turning back.

This is an adventure like no other and while this is bucket list skiing, the route is do-able for intermediate skiers too. There is an easier route down and your guide will be able to gauge the skill level and determine the safest route.

Moraine field on the Mer de Glace.
Skiers at a crevasse, Vallee Blanche Chamonix

You'll see all sorts of snow and ice formations as the entire route is natural. While this may be awesome, it is also incredibly dangerous. Click on the button to access the report for the absolute minimum equipment you'll need to hire.

It is essential to take an experienced qualified guide with you. These guys are trained in rescues from avalanches, crevasses and will have on them rescue gear which hopefully you'll never require.

Seracs or Ice Towers
Guide at Vallee Blanche

The terrain is not gentle and smooth - it is rough, windblown, craggy and littered with crevasses. At Vallee Blanche, off piste = danger. There are no roped off areas, no signs of unsafe snow bridges, in fact no signs other than the first one warning DANGER!

It is incredibly exciting.  But, take a guide.

Snow landscape at Vallee Blanche Chamonix
Natural snow and ice landscape at the Vallee Blanche

Tethered skier at valle blanche
Typical crevasse on Valle Blanche

Having warned you of all the dangers, you can't possibly have a Chamonix holiday without "doing" the Vallee Blanche.  This report highlights 7 things you need to know to prepare for this adventure.

Valley Blanche view
Skiers at Valley Blanche Chamonix

Landscape Valle Blanch
Vallee Blanch - looking back up the glacier

To make the most of your Valle Blanche experience, you need to plan ahead

  1. As soon as you arrive, check the weather forecast. You absolutely want a fine day for the Vallee Blanch
  2. Immediately book a guide
  3. Go to Snells, the big snowsports store in the middle of town and book your crampons.

If you're only in Cham for a few days, I'd recommend reading this planning list.

Vallee Blanch crevasse
Mer de Glace at Montenvers

The Mer de Glace glacier used to stretch 22 km all the way down to the main railway station in town of, but no more - this is nature at work... glaciers move and shrink.  These days, depending on snow fall, the skiable portion of the Mer de Glace ends at Montenvers. 

Your family and friends can meet you here to check out the Mer de Glace and the crystal museum. The small coffee shop is good for snacks.

Skiers hiking up to The Montenvers Train, after their ski down the Vallee Blanche

There's more steep deeps! For challenging pistes while on your Chamonix Vacation, click on the button for the essential low down.

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