Verbier Weather Report

This Verbier Weather Report covers 3 elevations, high at 3330m, mid level at 2415m and low at 1500m. Go to the Chamonix car rental and head to Verbier to explore the 4 Valleys. Chamonix and Verbier are co-partnered resorts.

Verbier Weather @ 3330m

Mid Level Weather @ 2415m

Weather @ 1500m

This weather report is brought to you by snow-forecast.com.  We find their 3 elevation weather reports useful given the conditions vary considerably from 1000m to 3000m. 

Should you require detailed weather reports or snow forecasts, please click on this link to go directly to their in-depth reports.

Tips For Verbier

Verbier is a co-partnered resort with Chamonix and access is free with the Mont Blanc Unlimited Pass.

It does, however take a couple of hours by car, to get to Verbier in Switzerland given parking at Verbier is somewhat of a shambles. 

There is a bus service from Chamonix to Verbier but is infrequent and dependent on minimum numbers. We found it more convenient to hire a car for the day from Chamonix Car rental, Europcar, and make our own way to the sister resort.

Click here for Courmayeur Weather
Click here for Chamonix Weather. Be sure to check the weather report before going off piste

We recommend starting the day early so as to maximize ski time on slope. There are 4 extensive valleys at Verbier and you can't possibly explore it all before lifts start closing at 4 pm. We headed to the highest lift and worked our way down. It was a tremendous day for what felt like a gazillion ski miles and worth the effort.

Verbier is supposed to be fairly swish, being the resort of choice for European Royalty as well as the Rich and Famous, although I think Chamonix has a far more attractive and high energy atmosphere, both in town and the quality of skiing. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort to check out this Swiss resort.

Oh, you can't miss possibly the enormous ads, touting personal Swiss Private Bankers.  (Frankly, would you go for a banker who has to advertise?)

For any pistes with differences in altitude of over 2000m, it is worth reviewing the weather conditions at each 1000m, as conditions can vary significantly. Our Verbier weather report prepared by snow-forecast.com collects information at the top, middle and bottom of lifts.

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