Where Is Chamonix?

Where is Chamonix? I'm sure what you've found in looking at maps of France, there is a place called Chamonix Mont Blanc and there's no such place as Chamonix! I spent forever trying to figure out if this was the same place!

I didn't want to end up close to but not at the resort.

Here's the low down where the Chamonix Ski Resort is located.

See on the map above - the ski resort is located in France, very close to the borders of Switzerland and Italy. In fact Italy is just 20 minutes away via the Mont Blanc tunnel and Switzerland is at the head of the Valley. One of the ski regions, just about borders onto Switzerland.

Borders Italy and Switzerland

Where is Chamonix? Right here. See on the map, it's at the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy.Map showing the location of Chamonix in France

Chamonix is A Commune of Villages

Orientation Map of the Villages along the Valley

Here's what's so confusing about the Chamonix Ski Resort.  The term Chamonix refers to a collection of little villages and hamlets along the valley that runs from Switzerland into France, towards Servoz and St Germain les Bains/La Fayet.

The skiing at the resort takes place at enormous ski regions developed along the valley and each of the five massive regions is serviced  by a nearby village.

Click on this link to learn about the villages and the associated ski region.

It takes about an hour to travel from one end of the valley to the other. That's why the skiing is so fantastic - skiers have access to five separate massive ski regions all at high altitudes and each on their own is challenging with more than enough terrain to explore.

Where is Chamonix Mont Blanc?

The Resort is About High Altitude Skiing And Low Altitude Living.  That's why the pistes are consistently in excellent condition.

Chamonix Mont Blanc is the name of the main town in the valley. It's the main commercial center and the hub of administrative, retail as well as entertainment activities in the Valley.

Map of the center of town, Chamonix Mont Blanc

You'll find the center of town is just gorgeous! The buildings are restored and in an elegant chateau style, and this is where you'll see the beautiful people, all tall, blonde and athletic. We couldn't help but notice the Scandinavians and the beautifully dressed Russian women.

The whole ambience with the high end retail shops as well, sets the resort a class above the rest.

That's Why Chamonix Is NOT On The Maps

So, where is Chamonix on the maps?

You can now understand why there's no such place as Chamonix on official maps - it's a term for the commune of villages that make up the Resort. 

That's why you can only see marked up on maps "Chamonix Mont Blanc" as this is the name of the town, which is the center of the resort.

Orientation map of Chamonix France
Chamonix is one of the best ski resorts in France
Argentiere in Chamonix France

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